When I think of The Ed Sullivan Show, I think of two things:

1) The Beatles live performance on February 9th, 1964, and

2) Kim McAfee & Conrad Birdie.

Obviously, both of those events are WAY before my time, and yet, they’ve left a major impression on my life. 

We’ll leave my Broadway musical obsession for another day.  Because…

This weekend marks the 50th anniversary of American Beatle-mania: when those lovable mop-tops from across the pond were welcomed into every American living room by squealing teenagers and confused fathers.  My own mother (who I’m lovingly informing everyone that she was not even 10 years old when this happened) tells us that when she and her sister sat down to scream over the Beatles on TV that night, her father would have none of it and TURNED IT OFF.

It was a big deal.  So much of a big deal, that for the next two weeks or so – you’ll be hearing a lot of the Beatles.  Local radio stations, including wxpn, wmgk, and nj 101.5 will be playing Beatles marathons all weekend long.  On Sunday night, CBS is airing a two-hour special “The Beatles: The Night that Changed America – a Grammy Salute“.  I’m not really sure how I feel about Katy Perry covering the Beatles, but again, that’s neither here nor there.  In Mercer County, check out Princeton’s McCarter Theater on February 14th for a production of the Broadway Musical “Rain” (tickets still available).  In Atlantic City, at Resort’s Casino, you’ll find “Long Live the Beatles” on Saturday the 8th.  All the way up in Newark, at the Performing Arts Center, the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra presents a “Classical Mystery Tour”.  Plenty of opportunities to get your Fab Four Fix.

And for me personally, I plan to get a little thematic with it and turn our regularly occurring kitchen dance parties into epic Twist & Shout battles and I Wanna Hold Your Hand lyrical dances, thankful that I have willing and able dance partners in my girls.

What about you – any special Beatles memories?  Favorite kitchen-dancing-with-a-spatula-songs?  Will you be tuning in to the anniversary show on Sunday?

The Beatles Performing|AP Photo






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