Surprise.  It's me ignoring everyone and reading on the beach.  Again.
Surprise. It’s me ignoring everyone and reading on the beach. Again.

Yeah, I’m a lot bookish.  I’m a reader.  I’ve been a reader for my entire life.  As a kid, I was an early reader, always a book in hand.  I’m freaked out and so excited that my kid is starting to read.  I want her to figure it out so bad, and she’s so close.  I can see her little brain working and the realization that letters make sounds and words, and words together mean something.  I see her “reading” stories to her sister – going through books and telling the story as she sees it and as she’s heard it.  This could be the coolest thing about parenting that nobody ever told me.



And this old picture is one of the thousand reasons we are a happy family.
And this old picture is one of the thousand reasons we are a happy family.

Because I’m a reader, and love books to the point of obsession, I think it’s really important that my girls see me reading in different capacities: books for fun, papers for work, newspapers on the weekend, fashion and fitness magazines whenever.  I read my books in front of them, on the couch or sprawled on the floor, and I’ve come up with a 10 minute “let’s all read quietly to ourselves” challenge.  We’re up to 38 seconds.  I’m hoping that we’ll reach 10 minutes this decade.  I’m hoping that they find books that speak to their little hearts and make them wonder and question the world.

From my own personal experience, I know that silly books like the Babysitter’s Club and the Sweet Valley Twins are harmless, and that reading nonsense and drivel doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t love Books with a Capital B; books that are truly valid literature.  I hope that their English and literature teachers are just as good, if not better than their math teachers when they’re in high school (and I’m a math loving engineering psycho).  I hope that when it’s time for them to post on the future version of Facebook that they know the difference between there, their, and they’re.  No pressure, kids.  But seriously, they’re different words – get it right.

Back to me being a bookworm.  So far, my 2013 reading list included:

Flight Behavior: A Novel

Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn

Life After Life: A Novel

Divergent and Insurgent (Divergent), Veronica Roth

The Paris Wife: A Novel

The Group: A Novel

I’m also reading the The Clan of the Cave Bear Series (Earth’s Children)and the Outlander series.  But they’re both really long and wordy authors, so I stop and start those books and it takes me months to get through it all.  But I’m hooked.  Thanks to Mom and Karen for those.

And since I’ve caught the reading bug, I now have an ongoing list of books I want to read but haven’t gotten to yet.  This fall and winter, I’m hoping to read:

Sharp Objects: A Novel

Allegiant (Divergent Trilogy)

The Night Circus

This Is Where I Leave You: A Novel

Side discussion – what’s your guilty pleasure book?  What’s your favorite book of all time?  What “school book” rocked your world way back when?

a) Sweet Liar, Jude Deveraux

b) I actually can’t even answer my own question. I can’t think of a favorite book. Not even The Baby-Sitters Club #3: The Truth About Stacey (and can we talk about the BSC being available on kindle?!).

c) A Farewell to Arms, Ernest Hemingway

I’ve had a banner year in reading; I’ve read more books in the past 9 months than I’ve read in years.  And since I’m on a roll, I want to keep this going.  I need book suggestions, friends!  So what are you reading?  Anything mind-blowing?  Anything trashy and amazing?  Should we plan on talking more about books – maybe make this a regular feature?


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  1. It is so cool when your children start reading. I didn’t know you could read until we were in the grocery store (circa 1984) and you were reading the labels to me. AAAHHH. It’s like someone sprinkles pixie dust and a whole new world opens up. Reading was always your therapy, it took you places you will never go to. It was your friend…(when girls were mean). I made you really smart…because you always wanted to know more (even if it was just the next “Babysitters Club Mystery”. I can’t wait to see that light go on in Big C. and little C. too.

    • I know! I can’t wait to yell at them to STOP READING! Or teach them about Anne Shirley and Jo March. Or introduce them to Danielle Steel. But not VC Andrews, because that woman is crazy.


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