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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

2016adareasAdvertising Information

MercerMe is excited to connect businesses and organizations to our local readers in Mercer County and beyond.  The site reaches thousands of readers in Mercer County each day, hitting 5-10K viewers per week – as well as through a free weekly email newsletter delivered right to our readers email inboxes.

For advertising rates and marketing possibilities, contact Mary at mary@mercerme.com. Hop on board!

We do not offer any sponsored content. Everything we write is purely community-interest driven information. And we are exclusively advertising funded. For more information, please check out our policies page.

MercerMe is excited to be working with several next generation advertisements that can get your business results.  From real estate listings to dynamic slots that allow your business to update your message whenever you want, as many times as you want – right from Facebook or twitter… we’ve got you covered.  Several example premium ad formats are sampled below, but contact us to review everything that’s available.