This is the Fitness Friday (not really — it is Fitness Friday Eve) when I admit that moderation is a beautiful thing.

Monday I took a cardio class called “Guns and Run” which is as hardcore as it sounds — a lot of heavy dumbbell lifting and then a ton of running around the track — and (possibly encouraged by the good news of having decreased my body fat by 6%) felt confident enough finally to join in on the class which is filled with the fittest gals my gym has to offer. They are no joke fitness gals. I’m talking one-arm-push-up gals. And they have lovely unicorn pony tails swishing as they run. Could I keep up? Hardly. I ran exactly half of what everyone else ran. And then I headed back to the classroom because if I ran everything I would have either a) died or b) never made it back to the class because I run so damn slowly that I would be running, miss lifting, and then the gals from the class would just jog back into the track for more running while I was still there. But the class was invigorating. And it was really fun to be challenged even though by the end I could feel my lungs in my teeth.

Tuesday I took “Cardio Chaos.” This is a high intensity cardio class (that I sprained my ankle in this past March) that revolves around a step (and, if you’re not careful, you’ll trip on the step and sprain your ankle). It was amazing and brutal. At the end of the class, the instructor teaches a choreographed dance — its the best part. This week is was part of Thriller. Last week GymBuddyTara asked me what I was so happy about in the middle of class. Dancing. It was the dancing.

Wednesday I worked out with GymBuddyTara and GymBuddyAnne. It was pretty intense. Jump roping, mountain climbers, walking lunges, deadlifts. Working on the booty.

Thursday I took the day off. I TOOK THE DAY OFF! Did you read that? And it was luxurious. I really needed it. I hung around. DaughterOne had school in the afternoon for a change (she’s in AM kindergarten this year) and so when DaughterTwo napped on my lap, I watched Dr. Who. So relaxing.

Tomorrow I’m back in the saddle.

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