All signs point to more construction on Carter Road

All signs point to more construction on Carter Road


If you travel on Carter Road from Hopewell Borough into Lawrence Township, you’ve seen multiple metal signs, and an electronic variable-message sign (VMS) alerting you to road closures.

You may have grown weary using detours that bypass Carter Rd. between Van Kirk Rd. and Rt. 206 due to stalled construction of the Shipetaukin Creek bridge. This construction, as you may know, is on hold due to the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund shutdown. You may also be tired of Elm Ridge Road’s closure due to a paving project.

It’s been difficult but construction workers have appreciated that you’ve slowed down and fellow travellers have noticed your lack of road rage.

Now, Mercer County is asking for a bit more patience as it paves two sections of Carter Rd.. When Elm Ridge Rd. is finally reopened on October 19th (estimated), Carter Rd. will be paved between Rosedale Rd. and Cleveland Rd, and between Cherry Valley Rd. and the Hopewell Borough line.

(UPDATED) State Funding of Transportation Projects on Hold

And, speaking of signs, some noticed this week that the VMS approaching the intersection of Rosedale Rd. and Carter Rd. had more than the usual bridge project closure information. The addition of the word ‘penis’ to the VMS (owned and managed by Marbro Inc., Montclair N.J.), flashed drivers, pun intended, until being disabled on October 12th by the Mercer County Traffic Supervisor, according to Heather Mauro, Senior Clerk, Mercer County Engineering Department.

When Marbro Inc. was asked how the VMS was altered, the company declined to give a statement.

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