America’s ultimate music celebration, the Grammys, came on the heels of quite a week here in the Northeast. What started with a long weekend after the Martin Luther King Holiday rolled into an early dismissal snow day. Then another snow day. And a snowy weekend. Throw a stomach bug, a cold and two non-sleeping, early-rising young children into the mix and you have either standard dead-of-winter fare, or the threshold of insanity, at least for me.

So I smiled when I recently came across a friend’s Facebook request for “favorite inspirational songs.” This mama of three solicited her 600 plus friends for music that is “positive and uplifting, songs that are great to have playing in the background while our family plays so that the good vibes soak into all our brains. I am open to any genre,” she said.

I offered a suggestion of the “Carolina Beach Music” station on Pandora that I listen to, as well as anything Motown or by Bob Marley. So in honor of last night’s commemoration of music, here are some of the other suggestions culled from my friend’s solicitation, and may the force be with you as we slog through the next fifty days or so until spring.

Bob Marley

They Might be Giants

Bobby McFerrin

Johnny Nash – I Can See Clearly Now

Bill Withers — Lovely Day

American Authors – Best Day of My Life

Jack Johnson

Sing it to me – what do you listen to when fighting off the winter funk? And don’t forget to check out Mary’s great suggestions for adding cheer to the new year from earlier this month. (Has it seriously not even been a month since that post??) 

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