Lack of motivation (and maybe laziness and gluttony) has been beating me for the past few weeks. I know I laid out ways to get my butt in gear. But I didn’t follow them as faithfully as I should. And I know I told you where I was weight-wise a few years ago. But still those pictures didn’t get my motivation fired up.

What got me going? GymbuddyTara. She’s in a massive upswing of motivation that is almost impossible to ignore or escape. And I’m very thankful. What’s really nice is that in her whirlwind of activity, she still reserves a day here and there to workout just with me.

I’m trying to figure out what the lesson is for you, Reader. Maybe the lesson is: Motivation doesn’t always have to come from within. 

 I know I want it — the whole “want it” package. And THEN I really (really!) want to be able to buy an ending season closeout sale clothes from Anthropologie because I’m not trendy enough to need this season’s clothes and but I *will* know what size I’m going to be. I can practically HEAR a choir of angels singing.

But I love eating and drinking — not water. Although I love water, there is no shame or calories in that. I’m not a person of moderation and I’m sure this will be a recurring theme. I am excessive. I think I described it earlier as “obsessive” but that only paints half the crazy picture. So, sometimes I get excessively (and obsessively) motivated to workout and take charge of my life. And sometimes I get excessively lazy and drink most of a bottle of wine. Several days in a row with gin and tonics.

Yesterday and the day before, I vowed to burn 600 or more calories in a single workout. I know I am still following LiveFit but I haven’t been doing the cardio component as thoroughly as I should. So Tuesday I burned 600 and yesterday I burned 670. Now my husband can say, “My chick bad, badder than yours. My chick do stuff that I can’t even put in words.” Boom.

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Mary Galioto
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