Back when I was pregnant with DaughterOne, I told a co-worker, “I can’t wait until corn season!” which she misheard to be, “I can’t wait until porn season!” And that pretty much sums up my excitement about New Jersey corn. It is as exciting as some people’s porn season. (Just go with this. I know there’s no such thing as porn season.)

To enjoy the sweet corny deliciousness all year ’round, I buy a big quantity and freeze it. And this year, I also tried a something extra.

To freeze your corn kernels, you’ll want to follow these next 5 steps. Especially because if you are going to remove the kernels from the cob, you really should blanch it.

Step 1: Shuck it!

Step 2: Blanch it! Blanch the corn on the cob. I had them go for about 4 mins. You probably should use less water than I did.

Step 3: Shock it! I ran it under some cold tap water and then put it in an ice water bath. After they were cool, I laid them out on a dishtowel.

Step 4: Decob it! I remember seeing somewhere that you could put a bowl upside down inside another bowl and rest your cob on the upside down bowl… but I don’t have a bowl quite big enough for that. Then I sleuthed around on the internet and found a pretty clever idea of using a bundt pan. So I put my bundt pan inside a mixing bowl and used the middle of the pan to secure my corn. Here is someone’s article with a picture of it in action. Sadly, my kids can’t help with photos yet so I couldn’t take a picture of my own hands cutting corn.

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Step 5: Bag it! I used quart-sized freezer bags and measured out the bags based on how many corn cobs went into a given bag. I tried to get as much air out of the bag before sealing it and then laid the bags flat on each other so they would freeze stacked up. Not very scientific. One year I used a measuring cup but I didn’t feel like washing anything else when I was done.


And that extra step I mentioned? I boiled down all the cobs to make corn broth. Ingredients: corn cobs without kernels, water. Boil about 12 cobs per 16 cups of water for 45 mins. Freeze. Figure out what to do with it all some other time.


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Mary Galioto
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