So it’s time for my Fitness Friday update – it’s been quite a week.  After the insanity of the previous 2 weeks, with work going crazy, doctor’s appointments, back-to-school nights, and a million other things going on – I have to say this week was just what I needed.  I packed my gym bag (badly) and I managed 5 workouts this week.  Four days of 2-mile runs, a few rounds of Tone It Up full body toning, and a trial run of my new Lolo Fitness 7-Minute Workout App. I have to be honest that Wednesday’s workout was only 10 minutes long, but hey, I count everything.

Following up on Mary’s post from yesterday, sometimes it’s really hard to dig down and find that motivation.  It’s October on the east coast.  Ain’t nobody wearing no bikini anytime soon.  It’s dreary.  It’s time for comfort food, blankets, and (spiked) hot cocoa.  But.  There have been two things that have been getting my rear end to the gym this week, and I’m so excited about both:

My first 5K in 10 years! So excited to run the 5K of the CGI Perfect 10 this weekend!

First: My 5K is this weekend!  THIS WEEKEND.  It came up really fast (really).  I’m totally not ready.  I’m not going to be running this in 35 minutes.  But I’m showing up.  And I’m doing it!  I’m loving the fact that it’s a women’s race.  I’m loving the swag.  I can’t wait.  And last year at this time, I would have never said that.  Growth! Progress!  So if you remember on Sunday morning, really early, send me some good vibes and positive thoughts, because I’ll really need them!

On the treadmill with Ja Rule.  What decade is it?!
On the treadmill with Ja Rule. What decade is it?!

And also: I’ve been working out to my Ja Rule Pandora station for 2 weeks now.  It is so deliciously random and wonderful and nostalgic.  These songs throw me back to a very specific moment in time when I was free, happy, skinny, stupidly self-absorbed, and surrounded by, quite possibly, the most amazing group of 50 women I’ve ever encountered.  And knowing that it’s our homecoming week, and hearing “every thug needs a lady”, well, it’s kept my ass on the treadmill all week long.  It’s also made my workout buddy Karen question my sanity more than once.  I don’t normally give off a #rideordie vibe, I guess?

So that’s been my week.  Now.  VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION.  Because I’m not as prepared for this 5K as I’d originally hoped, I’m going to need some serious motivation.  So share with me your best running song, the one that gets you over the hill, through the wall, and gets you pumped.  Any special race day tips?  Other than: don’t ever talk to a girl who says she just has a friend.





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  1. Sooooo cheesy… But Eye of the Tiger really does help get you over a hump. Random, but good… Forever Young version by Jay-Z. Rude Boy by Rihanna. I’ll have more for you….


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