Thanksgiving weekend was a food and drink free-for-all. Of course it was. It’s the Webster Dictionary definition of Thanksgiving. It was full of delicious food (thank you to my mother-in-law, MaryLou!), wine (thank you to my father-in-law, Patrick, and to my husband, Ryan!), and pie (thank you, Griggstown!)

So you can get the full picture of the impact, on Friday night alone, my husband mentioned that I drank more after dinner drinks than drinks he had the whole night. And I didn’t workout. At all. I mentioned to him that when I start very seriously buckling down on diet and fitness in a month, I will be dry for weeks. ::Shudder:: At least the dryness will reset my alcohol tolerance and lower tolerance = fewer calories consumed. So, what’s the damage? A few pounds. One of the trainers said it was water weight. I told her she was too kind. And also it’s wine weight.

Fitness after Thanksgiving has been tough. It isn’t just the level of toughness I’ve inflicted on myself but, because I was so gluttonous and motionless for so long, I am sore all over. This week looked like this:

  • Monday: LiveFit Phase 2, Week 1, Leg Day #1 plus abductor and adductors; and stair master and rowing machine
  • Tuesday: Cardio chaos plus other stuff I can’t remember now
  • Wednesday: Workout with GymBuddies Tara and Anne (which involved one of them strapping a huge rubber band around my waist and me pulling her around the track like a big huge ox)
  • Thursday: Glute camp, Phase 2, Week 1, Shoulder Day, 1-mile on the track
  • Friday (writing about the future): Phase 2, Week 1, Chest/Back and yoga

As I said, I’m sore. But I’m sore because I haven’t been seriously lifting and I wasn’t working out much for a week. I’m hoping to be sore for all of December. The plan is serious lifting until January and then — buckle down time. Not because of any new year resolution but because my gym has a weight loss competition that starts up in January and a girl’s gotta get into the bikini (in my head I hear, “Yeah, right.”) (Go away, doubter in my head). I also have a family wedding coming up next October. Did you know Fredrick’s of Hollywood sells dresses?

Anyone else out there working out?

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