As you can tell, Mary & I pre-wrote this week’s content so that we could have a TON of posts to share and introduce you to our little world.  One of the major sparks to ignite this little blog was our plan to support each other as we worked out and started running and getting into fitness.  So we decided to add weekly updates/confessions of our failures and successes.  Enter: “Fitness Friday”.  This entry is from a week ago, and it wasn’t really a bust, but it wasn’t my best.  I was so incredibly motivated earlier this summer, but as we’re moving into fall, I’m feeling kind of spent, and lazy.  I know I can do better.

This week, I managed to get in two treadmill runs (2 miles each) and two quick Tone It Up full body circuits.  I also did a ridiculous amount of vacuuming, bathroom scrubbing, and running up and down the stairs with laundry baskets, which I absolutely count as cardio.

Next week, my plan is to get back to my goal of 4x’s per week, get back to drinking my green smoothies each morning, stick to my TIU Nutrition Plan, and get to bed earlier (lights & TV off at 10:30).  I think those are pretty manageable goals, considering I’ve been doing something to that effect for the last year.

Making a fitness plan for the week.  Fingers crossed that I don't spend the week in the MickeyD's drive thru.
Making a fitness plan for the week. Fingers crossed that I don’t spend the week in the MickeyD’s drive thru.

On top of all of that, I’m considering a few goals for this fall:

1) I planned a girls’ weekend in Atlantic City with my college roommates.  I ordered a LBD from Rent the Runway and it better frickin fit.  And I plan to booze it up BIG TIME.

2) I registered for the inaugural New Jersey “Perfect 10” 10 miler.  They had a 5K option.  So I did it.  I registered.  It’s on October 13th.  Can I be ready for a 5k in 4 weeks?  I don’t know.  EEEEkkk!  I really want to be ready.  And I don’t want to embarrass myself.  Or hurt myself.  I’ve been hovering at the C25k week 3 mark – where I can run for about 8-9 minutes, and walk for a minute or two.  I end up completing 2 miles (whatever that means on a treadmill) in about 30 minutes.  But I haven’t pushed myself further than that.


I need to wrap my head around the fact that these are, in fact, SMART goals.  I’m pretty sure that I can handle a boozy girls weekend and a 5k in a matter of 4 weeks.  But I really need to focus on HOW I’m actually going to get there — where to carve out some extra fit time, how to wake up earlier to prep all of the right food to get me through a PMS-y day at work, etc.  So since I’m putting it out there, on this blog, that countless people are reading, enjoying, and pondering, and that makes it real.

Check in next week, when I may actually even meet the self-established Fitness Friday post deadline, and I’ll update you on my stellar progress.

Also — do you have ANY tips at all on training for and “racing” in a 5K?  Let’s be real, I’m participating, not racing.  I’m really nervous.

PS – spell-check does not approve of my use of the word “booze” as a verb.  I beg to differ.





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