Trenton makes, the world takes. It also cooked and the world ate. Pete Lorenzo’s Cafe. Marsilio’s. The Bond Street Club. Trenton Casino. Rossi’s. DeLorenzo’s. These were the places that Trenton went to do business. Where our Capital City dined. Where our county seat made things happen. Places you are proud to take your family, your clients, your friends. To be seen and to close the deal. These were the places.

Over the years they have just about all scattered, or worse – closed. Looking to find where they went? Have one last giant burger? Tomato pie? Italian hot dog (bad news on that one)? Me too. Let’s go.

What did I miss? Shoot me a message or leave a comment. Trenton is not done in my book, the “Burg” is not over – and neither is this page. This is a work in progress both in that I probably missed some gems AND… when any of these restaurants return to our capital, or better yet, new ones take their place, I’ll be here to add them to the map.  The initial focus here was on the old iconic Italian restaurants… I’d love to hear about what other types of establishments have popped up and taken up shop that I’ve certainly missed.

Bon appetit Mercer.


  1. Ryan, I have two to add! Diamonds (which was on Kent St.) is now in Pennington! It’s where T.J.’s used to be. Chianti’s was another good one. It was on the corner of Whitaker and Beaty.

  2. hey ryan – from one DIY to another – u did a bang up job on the “burg” map – if i think of anymore – i’ll let u know – joan @ HW

  3. One of my favorite restaurants in the area is:
    Revere Ristorante Italiano
    802 River Rd, Trenton, NJ 08628

    Best sangria!! yum!!

  4. Hi Ryan. Googling for photos of the Bond Street Club and came upon your site. My dad owned it. As an old penningtonite, I moved with my kids to Idaho. My daughter just opened a deli here called “Jersey Girl.” Thought I would share.

  5. Ate at the Bond Street club around 1995. Grandpa’s birthday dinner…place looked like a warehouse outside, we had to be buzzed in. Horrible goddamn food, this phony-baloney mafia atmosphere – the place was absolutely ridiculous.