I’m a huge Arrested Development fan. References to AD weasel their way into my everyday thoughts so when I watched Frozen, I worried that I just had a bad case of … arrested development…

Sidenote: I *loved* Frozen — like beyond all desire and expectation to dislike yet another Disney princess movie — I loved it.

I caught 2 distinct Arrested Development nods:

1) When Princess Anna and the Duke of Weselton dance, the Duke struts a la “chi cha!” Has anyone in this family ever seen a chicken?

2) Princess Anna and Prince Hans finish each other’s … sandwiches. (at 2:50)

And apparently there are more — I didn’t think they were as obvious.

So, if you wanted a reason to make a Disney princess movie more tolerable, here ya go.

Image Credit: MidtownLunch and Disney

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Mary Galioto
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