I am a truly terrible gift giver. I try not to believe that it is due to an innate selfishness and inability to generously predict what the people I am most close with would like as a gift. But all signs point to it. Luckily, they love me anyway.
I think part of it is that the holidays require me to be thoughtful across the board — to ALL my family members — and I get overwhelmed. There were probably several consecutive years where everyone got hats and scarves. From J. Crew. Boring.

Etsy has some nice suggestions too. But if you are a procrastinator like me, I won’t order the gifts online until 3 days before Christmas. Too late. Apartment Therapy has a series of pretty cool gift guides. I might walk my butt down to downtown Hopewell and get a select boutique quality trinkets.

Give me some ideas! What are you guys getting for loved ones this year? And do you pick out ahead of time the gifts your family members will give you?


Image Credit: Reusable Art

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