Boy, was I happy to open my water/sewer bill this morning and pull out the 2014 events flyer from Pennington Parks & Recreation. I am just done with winter. Do you hear that, winter? DONE. And I needed some good news this morning to look forward to. The prospect of outdoor parades, concerts and other fun events is the perfect news.

First off is the Easter Egg Hunt at Kunkel Park on April 19. I can make it til April 19. What is that, six weeks away?

Next comes the super fun Memorial Day Parade. My son loved decorating his tricycle with streamers and patriotic colors last year to “compete” in the kids bike decoration contest in front of Toll Gate Elementary School. He also loved watching the parade of fire trucks from around Hopewell Valley, boy scout troops, Veterans, the high school band, and more. It is a great way to kick off summer.



After that on June 7 is National Trail Day. Parks & Rec is organizing a hike on the Pennington Loop Trail, music and food event at Kunkel Park for this. Another great way to kick off summer and warmer weather.

Then come the Fourth of July Races at the Pennington School. My son was about to turn three last summer when he participated in this and had such a ball. He loved jumping in “long jump” and running the races with his buddies. Ribbons and prizes for everyone means all kids go away happy.


Summer wraps up with a Labor Day Concert on September 1, and this will always hold a special place in my heart. We first attended two and a half year ago after we had just moved to town and knew not a soul. At this concert we met our awesome realtor and a beloved babysitter who has since gone off to college, but made our transition here all the better.

The final event on the slate is an October 12 concert and movie at Kunkel Park. These are all great ways to have fun with neighbors, meet new friends and get out and enjoy the beautiful town where we live. See ya on the flip side, winter. Hello, spring and summer!

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