(UPDATED) Hopewell Township to address police use of force policies at Committee...

(UPDATED) Hopewell Township to address police use of force policies at Committee meeting


Some of the great challenges for law enforcement have been brought tragically to national attention in recent weeks. Many Hopewell residents have contacted the Hopewell Township Committee to ask about the safety and security of both our citizens and the police.
In response to these requests, the Hopewell Township Committee asked Chief Lance Maloney and Sgt. Mike Cseremsak to speak briefly to the Committee during our meeting on Monday, July 11th. They gave a broad overview of their use of force policy as well as police training for both deescalation strategies and bias awareness.

These are serious issues that require sober reflection and discussion in communities across the country. We will be covering these topics in more depth with Police Chief Lance Maloney and Sgt. Cseremsak during our public meeting on (UPDATED) SEPTEMBER 12 at 7 pm at the Township Building.  This is an open meeting, and we encourage all interested residents to come with their comments and questions.

Julie Blake
Hopewell Township Committee
Public Safety Liaison

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