At the Hopewell Township Zoning Board meeting tomorrow night at 7PM, the Zoning Board will be hearing  an application for a use variance to permit a cell phone tower on the property of 263 Rocky Hill Road, Pennington, New Jersey.

According to property tax records, the site is currently assessed class “3A” and “3B”, which corresponds with a farmland tax abatement.

The property borders Honey Brook Organic Farm, the oldest certified organic Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in New Jersey, and the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed.

Look here for more info:

JPEG watershed cell


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Mary Galioto
Mary Galioto is the founder, publisher and editor of MercerMe, and a lawyer. Originally from Brooklyn, Mary has progressively moved deeper and deeper into New Jersey, settling in the heart of the state: Mercer County. Formerly the author of an embarrassingly informal blog, Mary is a lifelong writer and asker of questions and was even mentioned, albeit briefly, in the New York Times and Washington Post. In her free time, Mary fills her life with excessive self-reflection, photographing mushrooms, and misguided adventures in random hobbies. Mary also works as the PR Coordinator at the Hopewell Valley Arts Council, serves on the volunteer Board of Trustees of the Lawrence Hopewell Trail (LHT), serves on the Hopewell Borough Board of Health, is a member of the Hopewell Valley Municipal Alliance, and holds the elected position as the Hopewell Borough Democratic Committee Municipal Chairwoman.


  1. […] The applicant is seeking a use variance to build a 100 foot tall (expandable to 150 foot tall) telecommunications tower on property, currently zoned as residential. The property is adjacent to the Watershed Reserve to the east of the proposed location and residential homes to the south, north and east. HERE is the link to MercerMe article with additional links to regulations. […]