At the Hopewell Valley Regional School Board this week, three school board members were given the oath office: returning school board member Michael Markulec, and new members Susan Pollara and Peter DiDonato.

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The BOE also took reelected Lisa Wolff as School Board President and newly elected Alyce Murray as Vice-President.

Wolff, who addressed concerns regarding the school referendum, as well as contract negotiations, and thanked the board for reelecting her,  “It is my honor to serve on this board and I appreciate your confidence for electing me again.”


  1. ‘Wolff, who addressed concerns regarding the school referendum’

    What were Wolff’s ‘concerns’?
    As someone who has very strong feelings about the debt we acquired,
    I would like to hear Wolff’s ‘concerns’. My ulterior motive is to make
    Hopewell Valley into a place that accepts everyone.Every tax-dollar means
    that certain people are excluded.

    ‘Concerns’ is usually a word meant when one is not ‘concerned’ at all.
    Just think about the difference between ‘I’m concerned about your health’
    vs. ‘I’m worried about your health’. One are the words of a therapist and
    the other are the words of a friend.

    Was that word Wolff used?

    • Thank you for your comment, Jean. I’m quite sure that Ms. Wolff did not use the word “concerns” — perhaps issues? I am working on publishing the BOE President speech in its entirety, so hopefully that will answer your questions.