What happened to Week 4? I miscounted the weeks. I guess week 1 was the week I had my first weigh-in.

This is what I look like after a boxing class.
This is what I look like after a boxing class.

It’s Week 5. And it is buckle (the f) down time. This week, I ignored whether I’m that werewolf from Week 1 (which is really 2). This week, I’ve continued to very faithfully count calories, worked out and kept busy like I talked about in Week 2 (which is really 3). And this week, it’s a sober one — see Week 3 (which is really 4).

It’s buckle down time. If I eat it, it counts even if it is the residual peanut butter from the knife before I put the knife in the dishwasher. That’s calories, Mary. It isn’t about being crazy. It is about being hyper-mindful. It is so easy for me to not realize what I’m eating — I’m in a rush, I’m trying to get a million things done, and I’m adjusting to a restricted calorie diet so naturally I’m hungry. And I’m not doing it perfectly. I’m just trying really hard.


But I’m having fun. I’m working out with friends, with a trainer, and doing classes.  I’m mixing up my cardio by doing non-steady state elliptical. In normal person terms: I’m varying my speed and the resistance within each workout, often after a minute or two. I took a boxing cardio class this week and had a blast. And I’m doing crazier things with my gals — like plate pushes along the track while mixing in jump squats and kettle bell swings without much rest in between sets. When I can’t get to the gym, my 2 daughters and I have a dance party and burn off that extra “energy.” Daughter 1 does burpees. And Daughter 2 can do one mean squat.

What’s my success? Low scale success. Pretty impressive measurement loss. If it wasn’t a scale-based competition, I would be a lot less annoyed at that scale.

And it is exhausting. It is hard not to be angry at myself for gaining weight back that took me time and effort to lose. But this is a part of the process — this is the part where I learn that my eating has consequences and that I make mistakes. I’m a work-in-progress. Always.

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