This is like confession meets product review. For serious though, I’ve been rocking a fanny pack. You’re either wondering why or you’ve stopped reading having dismissed me as a boring fashion disaster.

I like to listen to music when I work out (Post about what music specifically coming soon – get excited?). When I run on a treadmill, I just plunk my iPhone down on whatever treadmill ledge there is and hope it doesn’t fall off with the seismic disturbance of my desperate foot pounding. When I run outside (which is rare), I hold my phone in my hand because I’m also looking at the app I use that tracks my running pace (more on that some other time). BUT when I LIFT … I stuff my iPhone into my sweaty sweaty bra or tuck it into the ever-loosening waistband of my fitness pants. I have some grand notions of what kind of muscles I have or will be achieving and didn’t want to get an armband holder lest I restrict my rippling forearm muscles — no seriously — I just didn’t think doing bicep curls with something wrapped around my bicep would be comfortable.

Enter me entertaining wearing a fanny pack. My husband scoffed. I told him that, if I were him, I’d fanny pack the holy heck out of my wife if she were getting into shape — like she’d be wearing a massive fanny pack and a hat that holds 2 water bottles.

imageSo, I purchased a “training belt” from Nathan Sports but purchased it from The specific model I bought is Nathan Shadow Run’s Pack in black. Based on the reviews, it seemed like it would suit my needs just fine. It fits my iPhone 5 and I can attach headphones into the headphone jack and zip it in place if I position the iPhone so that the jack is toward the top and away from the zippered end. My trainer at the gym has a massive phone — like a Samsung Galaxy — and tried to fit it in the pouch. No go. If you have a huge phone, it won’t fit.

I wear it WAYYYYYYY down on my hips. There would be nothing uglier than me cinching up a fanny pack on my waist. I ran in it once for 10 minutes. It seemed fine but if I was getting something exclusively for running I’d probably go the arm-band route.

And that’s how I came to wear a fanny pack.

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Mary Galioto
Mary Galioto is the founder, publisher and editor of MercerMe. Originally from Brooklyn, Mary has progressively moved deeper and deeper into New Jersey, settling in the heart of the state: Mercer County. Formerly the author of an embarrassingly informal blog, Mary is a lifelong writer and asker of questions and was even mentioned, albeit briefly, in the New York Times and Washington Post. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English from SUNY Binghamton and a Juris Doctorate from Seton Hall Law School. In her free time, Mary fills her life with excessive self-reflection, creative endeavors, and photographing mushrooms. Mary also works as the PR Coordinator at the Hopewell Valley Arts Council, serves on the volunteer Board of Trustees of the Lawrence Hopewell Trail (LHT), holds a seat on the Hopewell Borough Board of Health, and is a member of the Hopewell Valley Municipal Alliance.