It’s been a rough one, folks.  An entire week of no fitness and poor eating choices.  Eh.  We’ll have this.  Time to regroup and get focused.  We have just over 6 weeks until the new year, and then 6 weeks after that I have a birthday where the age category “early 30’s” starts to get less accurate.  So let’s go.

Tone It Up Retreat: a totally realistic and attainable goal.
Tone It Up Retreat: a totally realistic and attainable goal.

So let’s talk motivation.  And by motivation, I mean starting our collective campaign to convince my husband that I deserve a trip to Southern California to attend the Tone It Up Girls’ RETREAT.  You think I’m kidding.  Go ahead.  But I’m not.  It’s gotten so bad, that my obsession has now morphed (what’s that word when disease becomes resistant to antibiotics?  THAT.) into believing that this might actually be an option.  I’m 100% serious.  And 100% aware of how weird this is.


So, in order to make a more realistic case, I have GOT TO GET MY SHIZ TOGETHER.  That means following the weekly schedule, scheduling my lunch-hour workouts (staff meetings be damned), getting out of bed early to get in morning workouts, and making better diet choices.

I’m choosing to do this in 6 week increments (give or take).

  • So the first 6 weeks gets us to New Year’s Eve.
  • The next 6 weeks gets me to my birthday.
  • The next 6 weeks gets me to the ***April Mudderella event in Englishtown, NJ***.
  • The 6 weeks after that gets me through the Tone It Up Bikini Series.
  • The next 6 weeks covers the majority of the summer.
  • And by then, I should be totally worthy of 4 days in Southern California.

Ambitious much?  Maybe.  But I figure if I have down weeks or busy weeks or injuries or anything over the course of the next year or so – at least I have goals.  And goals, friends, are what get us through the challenge.

So what do I need from you, you’re asking?  I’m asking you to join me.  Not on the trip, per se, unless you want to, then YES!  But I want to hear your goals.  How are you going to be getting through the next few weeks?  And then the few weeks after that?  Are you going to just screw it and main-line the cookies and the cocktails?  Are you limiting yourself to white wine only?  Are you scheduling Sunday Run-Days to make up for appetizers?  New Year’s resolutions are for shit.  You know that, and I know that.  So let’s get real.  (And by “get real”, I am including my obsession with the #TIURetreat.)

Even my workout friend Karen is going to care about getting to the TIU Retreat.  She just doesn’t know it yet.

(So about the Mudderella event: MERRITTANDMARY are fielding a team!! JOIN US!!  We’ll get t-shirts with the mildly disturbing cows!!  Or not!!)

Image credit K&K from Tone It Up


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