Lawrence High School Club Succeeds in Ambitious Fundraising Effort

Lawrence High School Club Succeeds in Ambitious Fundraising Effort

(left to right) Alyssa Katz and Nelle Evans

Lawrence High School’s Students Helping Honduras (SHH) club chapter celebrated the end of 2016 by meeting their ambitious $25,000 fundraising goal. The money, hard-earned through direct appeal efforts, restaurant profit-sharing, apparel and pie sales, and a “paint and punch” event, went to fully funding the building costs of the Jorge Fidel Duron Middle School, a small three-room structure that will serve as an educational facility for 7th-9th graders in Esfuerzos de Jesus, a rural northern Honduran town. This past July, ten LHS students spent a week in Honduras, along with their Spanish teacher and SHH club advisor, Alyssa Katz, breaking ground on the school’s construction. The school was completed by community members and local professional staff in 26 days, a SHH organizational record, and classes will begin this February.

Jorge Fidel Duron Middle School

No rest for the weary…

Though many of us would have been happy to kick back and celebrate this past New Year’s Eve with friends and family, content in knowing our good deeds (i.e. leading a successful year-long fundraising campaign, traveling twice to Honduras in order to help build schools) had been done, Ms. Katz was clearly not among them. Instead, she, along with LHS senior and SHH club Co-President Nelle Evans, traveled back to Honduras for a week on December 29th. There, they visited the completed Jorge Fidel Duron Middle School and helped with construction efforts of yet another new school in the mountainous region of Santa Rita.

SHH club members will return this coming July to inaugurate the Jorge Fidel Duron Middle School and paint it LHS’ red and white school colors. For prior coverage of the club’s efforts, read MercerMe.

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  1. Congratulations for fund-raising, for making those trips to Honduras and building a school.
    I know how risky it is for Honduran children to even go to school.

    I wish there were more SHH clubs.