LHT Announces Construction of Coxs Corner Trail Segment

    Pedestrian walkway at Foxcroft Drive trail segment

    In the next couple of weeks, construction will begin on Lawrence Hopewell Trail’s (LHT) Coxs Corner segment in Lawrence Township. When finished, in approximately 90 days, 19 of LHT’s 22 miles will be complete. The segment connects the trail from Bannister Drive to Foxcroft Drive, along Province Line Road. Approximately 30 trees must be removed along the trail’s path. Full funding ($493K) of the project is provided by a New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) grant.

    Site of new trail segment. View of Province Line Road from Bannister Drive toward Rt. 206

    Addition of the 8-foot-wide porous pavement trail segment, not only increase the number of continuous miles that bikers, walkers, and runners can travel through Lawrence and Hopewell Townships, a long-standing storm drainage problem will be fixed and pedestrian safety improved through installation of a pedestrian activated signal at the cross over Route 206.

    The idea to build a system of more than 20 miles of trails through Lawrence and Hopewell Townships was conceived in 2001 by a group of Bristol-Myers Squibb employees (Lawrenceville campus) and quickly embraced by employees from Educational Testing Service. The trail runs through the campus’ of both companies. In 2002, LHT was incorporated

    Pedestrian activated signal at Foxcroft Drive trail segment

    as a non-profit and within six years over 50% of the trail was constructed. According to LHT Co-President Eleanor Horne, the organization’s success is to due “incredible relationships with Lawrence and Hopewell Townships, Mercer County, and NJDOT.” In fact, Lawrence Township applied for NJDOT’s grant in support of the current project.

    Information on LHT’s 24 trail sections and volunteer opportunities, can be found at www.lhtrail.org and http://lhtrail.org/LHTrailMap.pdf.

    News idea for Lawrence Township and Lawrenceville? Email Angela Jacobs (angela@mercerme.com).

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