This is a post about poop. If you don’t like that subject, you may want to look elsewhere.

There are several poop stories I’m going to share — some are shorter than others. To make them seem more literary, I’m going to refer to them as poop vignettes. Also, please don’t be surprised that I have a very elementary school level of amusement about potty stories.

Life is Like a Box of Poopy

I always bathe the girls together. (You can tell where this is going already.) DaughterOne said, “What’s that piece of chocolate?” and proceeds to pick up a brown ball from the shared bath. Do I need to say it? That was not chocolate. She then yells, “It’s poop!” as she lays it on the edge of the tub, thankfully without having put it in her mouth (gag). DaughterTwo was just as surprised although she was the chocolate source. The fudge-maker, if you will. (You think I’m the grossest person you know. You’re right.)

Poopy Diaper. For Dinner.

DaughterTwo loves to yell, “Poopy diaper! For Dinner!”

Poopy is the Answer  to Questions to DaughterTwo

What do you want to be for Halloween? Poopy.

What do you want for your birthday? Poopy.

Potty Training – When Will It End?

It has only just begun here. DaughterTwo will be two years old next week. She’s done #1 on the baby potty a few times and last night was her first ever, no joke, told us she had “something in my tush” #2 on the adult sized potty. And I feel proud because that’s what being a parent degrades you to. These are the things that make parents excited. Poopies on the potty.

Image Credit: Karens Whimsy

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