Hi Fitness-Fridayers! (Stick with this post because I’m revealing some remarkable results.) Last week was wine. This week it was donuts. And I started feeling down on myself that the whole self-sabotage notion, that I presented last week, is totally correct.

It is correct in many respects. I think my fitness gains would be really transformation-story-worthy-remarkable considering the enormous effort I expend working out. Seriously, I burn 600-800 calories a pop 4-5 times per week with a pretty balanced combination of strength training and cardio/HIIT. But I am not very disciplined when it comes to abstaining. I know. I know. I’ve told you about this already. I’ve also told you about LiveFit. I’ve been on Phase 3 for several weeks now and do not do it every time I’m at the gym. I’ve been mixing it up with working with a trainer and taking some intense (and fun) cardio classes. Plus, I’m working out with Tara and running around the track a bunch of times.

Here’s where I admit to you that I may never complete Phase 3 in the strict sense. I often do Phase 3 workouts and incorporate them in whatever else is going on.

But the program is not a bust. It has been AMAZING. And I’m not using this word lightly. It has been completely amazing. Here are my successes since I started the program in June (I repeated Phase 2):

  • 2 clothing sizes
  • about 8 pounds
  • 6% body fat …. WAIT WHAT? …. Yes. I went DOWN 6%. I was roughly 33% and I’m now roughly 27% (I’m sparing you the decimals) in 4.5 months — I just had my body fat percentage measured this week. The time before that was in May.
  • 6 pound muscle gain
October 2012


October 2013; Why are these both butt pictures? I really don’t know. I couldn’t find any whole body pictures of myself in October of 2012. The moment I upload photos, I delete. Heavy handedly.

I could cry I am so happy. I might cry later. I’m definitely going to have my husband take a few “after” photos (Did I tell you that he was so excited to take my “before” pictures and I could not understand why. He didn’t realize I would be clothed. Sweet guy loving all my 33%.) And I’m now within the healthy ranges of a healthy body fat percentage and I’m 2% from being within the “fit” category.

Balancing on the bosu

Bottom line is that this Fitness Friday, I’m finally starting to feel like I’m close to “fit” in the technical and medical (therefore objective) sense even if I’m not hitting all my weight loss goals. I feel so happy that I am accomplishing something so transforming. I feel really really proud. And best of all, I’m having fun.

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Mary Galioto
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