Here’s my first “Fitness Friday!” which is when I update you (because obviously you care) about my fitness goals / setbacks etc. (And I should note that I wrote this a few weeks ago — but just go with it. You and I eventually be all caught up-to-date by next week.)

The girls and I were on vacation with my mom at her place in Olivebridge, NY for 10 days and I came back a little … ahem … a little bit heavier than when I started off my vacation. It was ONLY a little but sometimes a little gain can feel like a huge setback.

Cheers, Bit$hes. We're on vacation.
Cheers, Bit$hes. We’re on vacation.

During those 10 days, I ran once, hiked a bunch pushing a double stroller and used resistance bands once and a half.  But it wasn’t a great effort. And I also drank more than I usually do — like everyday. And let’s be honest, several drinks a day. (See picture of my baby drinking. Kidding. She was just drinking tonic out of a shot glass near an open bottle of vodka and an open flame. Because that’s what every good mother does. Cheers!)

This past Monday I restarted Phase 2 of LiveFit and started C25K all over again starting at Week 1. In lay terms, I’m back to 5 lifting days (technically 6 condensed into 5) and 3 running days. I function best when I have a prescribed fitness routine all planned out for me. No questions. No excuses. Just go and do. If there’s a schedule, I’m likely to follow it. Please don’t take note, Cult Leaders (I’ve already capitalized “Cult Leaders” so that’s a bad sign). And definitely don’t mail me a cult worshiping schedule (do they have schedules or is it just an all-day thing?).

My long term goal (and I’m putting it out here so maybe you, Dear Reader, will hold me accountable) is to be bikini-ready every year. Forever. GASP. Yikes. Even rereading what I wrote makes me feel like it isn’t attainable. I’ve only adequately bikini’ed one summer in my life: the Great Bikini Summer of 2002. That’s what everyone calls it. It was that spectacular. Of course I’m kidding. I probably didn’t need to tell you that.

Let me pause here to explain “Why the Bikini.” I swear this is not a measure of skinniness. Truly, skinniness is not a goal of mine at all. What I desire is to be (and look) fit and healthy. I want to look like if you challenged me to arm wrestling, maybe I’d win. I don’t want to look like I’d definitely win. Just that I would stand a good chance. And if you wanted to take a jog with me (because we’re best friends now and best friends do these things right?) we’d just slap on our sneakers and go. For fun. I want to be always ready for a really challenging hike and maybe look awesome in a bikini. Is that too much to ask? (Note that I’m laughing out loud. Literally.) But next summer. NEXT. SUMMER., Dear Reader. You’ll be there with me. Great Bikini Summer of 2014. Ugggghh. Maybe after this glass of wine.

So, my next challenge will probably be to STAY on track, for the love of bikini.

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Mary Galioto
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