Christmas, ya are a-coming despite my willful ignoring of the calendar. December. I’m still reeling that it’s December already. Luckily, my husband does not ignore the calendar and has started some of our Christmas shopping. In my defense, I’ve been keeping a little wish-list on amazon for gifts for the girls so we could be prepared.

myra1DaughterTwo is OBSESSED with babies — she loves real babies, she loves doll babies. She is an equal opportunity baby lover. And we have a lot. But what we don’t have very much of is baby dolls that I want to look at. In my wildest dreams, my daughters only own toys that are wooden or adorable, not large and plastic with a half blinking lazy eye.  

That’s where Mooshka Dolls come in. Mooshka Dolls were originally designed as paper dolls that has blossomed into production of crafty kitschy colorful MACHINE WASHABLE treasures. These dolls come with a matching finger puppet and paper doll chain. And they are dressed exactly how I wish it was acceptable for me to dress myself.

They are also reasonably priced — between $10-20. That’s a lot of cuteness for the price. DaughterTwo is getting Myra (pictured here) but there is an adorable selection of 6 dolls available and also “tot” dolls which are smaller and just as cute.

Buy a Mooshka Doll on Amazon right here on this link (this is an affiliate link so share some love!).

Mooshka Doll
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