A report in the Hopewell Valley News about upcoming painting of Pennington Borough’s water tower encourages Pennington residents to be mindful of water usage during the maintenance.

Pennington’s water tower is in the parking lot adjacent to Borough Hall.

(Photo courtesy of Sheena Chi via Flickr.)

Scheduled to begin next Monday, April 28, the painting of the inside and outside of the tower is expected to take around a month to complete. Penningon public works supervisor Jeff Wittkop is quoted in the article asking borough residents to curtail their use of water as much as possible while the work is being done and “use the water at night as much as you can.”

According to the article, painting the tower preserves the quality of the water and happens every ten years.  The borough draws its water from municipal wells in town. In addition to supplying reserve water, the tower ensures adequate water pressure for fire-fighting.
Wittkop is also cited in the story noting that plans exist to bring in back-up tanker trucks should a fire happen in the borough during the water tower painting in order to supply water while the reserve source is under work.
Visitors to the borough parking lot also can expect to lose twelve of the nearly 90 parking spots during the work, as a containment area will be constructed to protect cars in the lot from anything that may come off the tower during the painting.
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