I have an ongoing list of ideas for blog posts.  I try to write down my thoughts when I’m not swamped with job-work, overwhelmed with house-work, or just plain worn out from every day life.  I’ve been meaning to tell you about my recent love affair with the Shonda Rimes soapy-drama, led by the amazing Kerry Washington, Scandal.  Now, you know that Mary and I are obsessed with commercial free television, but I don’t know if we’ve talked much about what we’re watching.  We’re both fairly addicted to television.  I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but I love TV too much to care.

Watch Kerry fix the ridiculous indiscretions of Washington DC's untouchables.  Amazing.
Watch Kerry fix the ridiculous indiscretions of Washington DC’s untouchables. Amazing.

Which brings me to Scandal.  I’m about halfway through season 2, and I can’t get enough.  The Coach, who if allowed would watch nothing but all 30 ESPN-related channels, all 160 Yankee games, all 16 (or 20?) Steelers games, etc., has even gotten into it.  I think this is the first show that we’ve ever even really watched together where we both enjoy it.  Is that weird?  We must have watched other shows…

But anyway, if you’re already watching – you know what’s up.  And if you’re not already watching – get on that.  NOW.  It’s soapy, it’s political, it’s fast, it’s witty, it’s sexy, it’s smart, it’s honest, and it’s women-centric.

Because I’m about a season behind, I haven’t been following any of the recaps or press releases about the show, but I did see that they added Lisa Kudrow to the cast in season 3, and apparently gave her a kick ass role.  So basically, Ms. Rimes has rocked my world and married my two favorite shows.  If you know anything about me at all, you know that I’m a Friends addict.  10 years later, I still watch the re-runs, still know the jokes, still USE the jokes… it’s bad.  BAD.  And I’m not even going to link to any Youtube scenes, because I’d get lost in my own little world and never come out.  Ok, just this one.  Playlist.  That took 20 minutes of my life.

And then I stumbled upon this video last week.  So Ms. Rimes has now given me Scandal + Friends + Feminism?  And boom goes the dynamite.

(Scandal photo via imdb.)

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