Last month, DaughterOne turned FIVE. I’ll spare you the whole I-can’t-believe-I-am-the-mother-of-a-5-year old (will I?) because really that’s where I’m at. I can totally believe my daughter is 5. She was born older than 5 so that part makes sense. But I’m still in my twenties. Right? Crickets.

One of the table numbers from our wedding. Before pinterest.
One of the table numbers from our wedding. Before pinterest. In my actual 20’s.

Anyway, since I’m still in my twenties, I have MUCHO TONS of energy (that is a real unit of energy) to throw pinterest-worthy birthday parties (this is NOT the part where I bash pinterest because I *love* pinterest and all the crafty ideas and *love* the idea of throwing events that would be adorable and therefore envious). But I really don’t have mucho tons of energy. I’m at my best Not-Beaten-Down-By-Life. I don’t even fold all my laundry. Sometimes, DaughterOne has to remind me to fold things before I place (shove) clean clothes back in the drawers.

Enter Pixie Dust Parties.

This is a party company started by a couple of New Jersey moms and they bring the party to you! They bring the dress-up clothes (not just princesses but fairies and pirates and other stuff for boys), the adorable crowns and jewelry and cardboard cut-outs and birthday throne (that looks way sweeter than you could imagine — a little like a seat a damsel would sit on to brush her long golden hair). They bring music and games and crafts and nail polish and … and … THE PARTY FAVORS. You just bring plates, food, cake, napkins, drinks. That’s it. Maybe some balloons.

I love the idea of having someone else take care of the details. And I really love the idea of someone else ushering far too many children (don’t people decline invitations anymore?) (And thank you for coming, guests.) from one activity to another without my sharp harpy voice squawking instructions. At one point, I realized I was in the adjoining room drinking coffee and eating a scone. A scone.

We were fortunate to have found out about Pixie Dust Parties because they donated a party package for a silent auction to benefit Robert Wood Johnson of Hamilton and we were the highest bidder. (Thank you guys so much!) It was months before DaughterOne’s birthday but BOY were we happy we won. Birthday party = pain free.

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