Consignment sales are amazing if you know what you’re doing. Not to be mistaken for your ordinary yard sale, these mega-sales are serious business, and any serious shopper knows how to get down and dirty to get the deals. Here’s the deal: mega-sales are usually held in the early spring/early fall. Clothing and gear is typically seasonal, so at the spring sales, you’re shopping swim suits and at the fall sales, you’re shopping snow suits.

Now, I’m not going to lie, this isn’t like spending the day leisurely browsing the racks, patiently waiting for something to “speak” to you – this is some serious shopping.  If this is your first time at one of these shopping rodeos, well, your girls at Mercer Me have your back.

My personal, scientific and research-based method is: Plan, Get in, Get out.  That’s it.  I’m serious.

Step #1.  Plan to shop.  Know what you’re going for and have a game plan.  I’ll shop for one child per sale, I’ll shop only for dresses, I’ll shop only for swim suits, or just toys, or just gear.  I’m not there to wander the aisles.  That’s why God invented Target.

Step #2. Get in there.  Do not be one of those people that shows up 30 seconds before the sale starts and complains about the line.  Show up early, get out of your car, and get in line.  When it comes to these sales, well, the early bird gets the Janie and Jack.  You don’t want me to buy it all up, because I will.

Step #3.  Get out of there.  After about 45 minutes, if you haven’t found it, you’re out of luck.  Seriously.  And now you’re just taking up space.  If you’ve got an armload of clothes, figure out what you’re really going to buy, put the rest back, and get out of there.  Like I said before, if you want to leisurely stroll the aisles, or chat with a neighbor, there’s an app for that.  And it’s not at the sale.

 Now, there’s a little bit more –I’m going to make a serious shopper out of you, and you’ll thank me.  Some hints, tips, tricks of the trade…

  • Know the rules of the sale.  Cash only?  Do NOT be THAT GIRL with the Visa up front.  No bags allowed?  Don’t pester the volunteers with your protests.
  • It’s no secret that the Moms of Multiples sales have the best gear.  Looking for a double jogger?  Start there.
  • Do not bring your children, especially not in a stroller, unless you have a newbie and then it’s ok to use a sling or a carrier.  Otherwise, think of it like a Moms Morning Out and leave those special snowflakes at home.  For real with the strollers.  The rest of us are judging you.
  • Dress for speed.  Layers, comfortable shoes, no big giant purse to slow you down.
  • Either get there right when it opens, or go to the half-off sale at the end.  Other than that, it’s not going to be any fun.
  • Know your kids’ sizes for this season and for next season.  Always size up, it’s terrible to bring something home and have it be too small.
  • Poop or get off the pot.  I see you there, debating over the adorable polka-dot spring jacket.  One of only 3 acceptable coats in size 4T.  Holding it up, contemplating it, turning it over… either buy it and move on or put it back on the rack because someone is right behind you and ready to pounce.  Spoiler alert: it’s me.
  • Have fun with it!

Here in Mercer (and surrounding) County, we’re lucky to have some great sales coming up in the next few weeks, check out the list I pulled together, let me know if I missed anything!

  1. Lawrenceville PTO Sale, March 8, Lawrenceville, NJ
  2. Jersey Tykes, March 13-15, Somerset, NJ
  3. Kidzignments, March 20-22, Flemington, NJ
  4. Your Child and Mine, March 27-29, Pennington, NJ 
  5. Best Dressed for Less, March 27-28, Burlington, NJ
  6. Just 4 Kids Consignment, March & April, Maple Shade, NJ
  7. Treasure Hunt Mommies, April 4-5, Hamilton, NJ
  8. Central Jersey Moms of Multiples, April 12, Hamilton, NJ
  9. Just Between Friends Mercer County, May 15-18, Lawrenceville, NJ


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Also a transplant to New Jersey and Mercer County, Merritt McGlynn is walking a tightrope between career woman and devoted mother: hanging on for dear life with her dishpan hands. Merritt is a mom to two of the most adorable children in Jersey: a darling and spunky 4-year-old and a certifiably insane but heart-melting almost-3-year-old. Married to the always-working "Coach", Merritt tries to maintain some appearance of a work-life balance, and often finds that the scales are usually tipped in one direction or the other - but she’s still trying! In her spare time, if she ever gets any, Merritt would like to read books, travel with her husband, drink margaritas on the deck, and one day, if she’s really lucky, enjoy a phone conversation without interruptions. For now, she’ll settle for 20 minutes of an Audrey Hepburn movie and a diet coke.


  1. Thanks for the mention! We have 500 registered consignors for our March 27-29th Spring sale in Burlington Township NJ. Hope to see you there! We are definitely worth the short drove down 295 from Mercer!