Is it a bad omen to start our very first blog post with the sentiment that we are actually speechless?  There are truly no words to describe how excited we are to introduce this blog.  It isn’t 2001 anymore (much to our dismay), but we can’t help but think about Ludacris’ “Roll Out!” except technically we’re inviting you into our business (our biznass). 

And we can tell you, our business is GOOD.

“Merritt and Mary” has been a project in the works for a long time — like a lonnnnnggggg time.  We started a little blog over 3 years ago, but then life and a new baby (and then another new baby) got in the way.  Things fizzled after a while, and looking back, if we’d just blogged instead of emailing each other for 3 years…

Recently we rediscovered our love for writing to and with each other – whether it’s about an amazing or annoying milestone one of our (combined total of 4) girls’ achieved, or a recipe, or a heads up on super cheap farm stand produce, or supporting a new fitness goal.  We love writing to each other.  And we’ll love writing to you.  And just so you know what to expect: during the next few weeks, we will be “rolling out” almost 20 posts and then our schedule will probably settle into a steady M,W,F.  We’d like to “give you a topic“, but honestly, it’s just us.  Navigating motherhood and life, maintaining our sense of self, and most importantly, our sense of humor.

So here we are.  Finally.  We’re pulling it together, together.

We’d love to hear from you so comment away!



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Also a transplant to New Jersey and Mercer County, Merritt McGlynn is walking a tightrope between career woman and devoted mother: hanging on for dear life with her dishpan hands. Merritt is a mom to two of the most adorable children in Jersey: a darling and spunky 4-year-old and a certifiably insane but heart-melting almost-3-year-old. Married to the always-working "Coach", Merritt tries to maintain some appearance of a work-life balance, and often finds that the scales are usually tipped in one direction or the other - but she’s still trying! In her spare time, if she ever gets any, Merritt would like to read books, travel with her husband, drink margaritas on the deck, and one day, if she’s really lucky, enjoy a phone conversation without interruptions. For now, she’ll settle for 20 minutes of an Audrey Hepburn movie and a diet coke.


  1. I am super excited to read this blog! I know Merritt and I think she is hilarious! I’m super excited to read a mommy blog written by someone I know! Good luck girls!!

  2. Merritt! I’m so glad to hear this. For 1, from what I hear second hand and our brief conversations you’re HILarious so I will definitely be reading. Secondly, I have been working on my own blog all summer and its exciting to know other people in real life (and not just through blogging connections) who are doing it too!

    I don’t know how blog savvy you are (I was at a 0 in June) or what your plan is for Merritt and Mary, but I started a group with a few other bloggers I met as a forum to ask questions, comment and share each others posts and just support each other over all. Let me know if you want me to invite you!