Pennington Quality Market will support the Hopewell Valley Arts Council this weekend by donating 5 percent of proceeds garnered Saturday, March 15 to the group.
The Arts Council is sponsoring a Stampede of oxen to roam Hopewell Valley this summer and fall. The Stampede is based on a public art exhibit first introduced in Zurich, Switzerland where more than 800 decorated cows dotted the landscape, drawing worldwide attention and attracting thousands of local and foreign visitors.
Similar events have been successfully staged in other countries and throughout the U.S., drawing media attention and visibility for the host community, project partners and participating artists. In Hopewell Valley, artists are already being paired with sponsors to begin decorating ox to roam throughout the Valley starting in June. Students at all four Hopewell Valley elementary schools will also decorate ox, and those projects have already begun. 
Ox for the Stampede have already been delivered to all four Hopewell Valley elementary schools.
Ox for the Stampede have already been delivered to all four Hopewell Valley elementary schools.

The Arts Council has planned a number of on-going events associated with the Stampede, such as music festivals, art exhibits and other cultural programs, in an effort to heighten awareness of Hopewell Valley’s heritage, promote educational participation, increase the visibility of the region’s artists and businesses, and boost tourism.

The collaboration will bring together many of the Valley’s exceptional talents and interests, building a sense of community and providing economic benefits. The HV Stampede will inspire our residents and visitors alike to remember the past and celebrate the present, and will generate support for the Hopewell Valley Arts Council’s future programs and facilities.

At the Saturday PQM fundraiser, flash mob performances will pop up around the store between 10:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. and the daylong event will feature dancers, singers and culinary displays. Shoppers can take photos with Olly, the life-sized ox, and take advantage of one-day shopping specials to support the Stampede.