I grew up in the mountains of western North Carolina so my memories of sledding were down fairly steep hills behind my house, or in the park up the street. My sister and I had both a plastic red sled that got some pretty good air, as well as a traditional Flexible Flyer that my dad would grease before we took it out. I have memories of significant snowfalls, including the blizzard of ’93 (that’s 1993 for all you millennials), where we would suit up, trek through our yard with the sleds, and join tons of other neighborhood kids as we flew down the hill for what seemed like hours. We would build snow ramps and jumps, and my dad would always join us, giving us a running start. We also had a very energetic Shetland sheepdog named, of course, Lassie, who would run around us in circles as we sailed down the slopes.

This area certainly gets snow on a more regular basis than I think we did in NC, but I’ve been having trouble identifying the best local sledding spots. A friend invited us to the Pennington School during yesterday’s snow, and I hear Rosedale Park is also a hot spot.

My boys are still young and would probably be happy with the hill into Sked Street Park, but I want to hear from you, readers, where is YOUR favorite sledding spot in Hopewell Valley?

Also, while “researching” this article, I learned that Flexible Flyer sled has roots in our area. Samuel Leeds Allen, who is credited with inventing not only the sled but numerous other pieces of farm equipment, was born in Philadelphia to Quaker parents. He then moved across the river to Moorestown, New Jersey, where he patented the design for his now-famous sled. In 2004 Allen was posthumously inducted into the New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame for his contributions. The more you know!

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