Fitness Friday again? This post is about my maiden voyage with spin class.

I’ve kept my own advice about moderation and worked out only 4 weekdays (instead of 5). I did these: trainer-lead workout with a group of friends, Cardio Chaos, Spin, day-off, and today I’m doing Tabata. I’ll post about Tabata next week since this is coming to you before I’ve done the class.

Spinning. I remember when I didn’t even know what “spinning” was (and it probably wasn’t that long ago). And then when I found out I felt awed, disinterested and afraid. My feelings remain mostly the same. Spinning is riding a stationary bike that has clips like a speed bike and a dial that lets you adjust the pedaling resistance and handles that allow you to put your hands in different positions. It has many adjustment points so, if you don’t know what you’re doing, show up to a class early and ask the instructor to help you set up.

This specific class I took was taught by a different instructor than usually teaches the class. From what I’ve heard, the experience will be slightly different in that the regular instructor does a guided visualization (I guess like meditation?) where you imagine yourself riding up a mountain. Also the lights are out which means you could be cycling at the slowest resistance and not break a sweat and no one would know. GymBuddyTara says I would be only cheating myself. You know she’s always right.

It is noted for it’s high calorie burn. I burned about 550 calories in the hour so that’s a pretty great workout — a little less than if I ran for an hour. Which I’ve never done. Because that is insane.

It is also noted for initial extreme ass pain. You read it here. Extreme ass pain. And for ladies, you’re looking at some amount of … errr … (I hate this word above all others) crotch discomfort. But you should know this. You’re going to feel like you’re walking like a cowgirl for a day. I’ve heard that after a few spin classes, this discomfort dissipates. We’ll see.

Tried anything new fitness-wise lately?


I also ordered my summer bikini (this is not an affiliate link). (Also, just in case you’re curious about the bikini top — it’s amazing. Ladies, I’m talking supportive. And flattering.) This is bikini-wearing business extremely ambitious. Poor Merritt and GymBuddyTara were the recipient of a photo that I made DaughterOne take of me jammed into said bikini. They were both kind and complimentary. I’m a work in progress.

Do you have “inspiration” clothes that you hope to get into soon(er or later)?

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