So I’m back from my first week-long vacation since my honeymoon in 2007, stuffed with Maryland crabs, jonesing for margaritas (rocks. salt.), and covered with the most glorious tan that I’ve had since I was in my 20’s (which was yesterday, obviously).  Now that you know my priorities, we can be friends.

Mary and I met in the spring of 2009, shortly after our first daughters were born.  We very, very quickly became fast friends.  Our bonding was (in no particular order):

  • based on our strong feelings of love for our children,
  • strengthened by our even stronger feelings of bewilderment and confusion at our children,
  • enhanced by a deep appreciation for long walks anywhere just to get out of the house; and
  • sealed by a pact to call each other if the need for a large glass of wine (or G&T) occurred before 4pm (so basically, every day).

I’m also a 30-something mother of 2 girls under 5 (Big C, Little C).  I’m married to the Coach: a teacher who coaches various high school sports and is often working nights and weekends.  After my maternity leave with Little C, in early 2011 I went back to work full-time, where I’m a Project Manager for an Environmental Consulting firm.  I’m a nerd.

After 2 pregnancies, 2 nursing babies, 1 full-time job, a busy husband, a crazy messy house, and a more than mild love affair with fast food and ice cream – the look and feel of my body and my overall lack of self-preservation started to make me crazy.  So I bought a Groupon for 20 boot camp fitness classes.  I signed up in the spring of 2012, committed to 2 mornings a week, and started to “workout.”  Long story short, I hated the boot camp and didn’t really see any results, other than figuring out that as long as I committed to getting out of the house a few times a week, I could do this on my own.  So with the help of the internet (we’ll get there), and the benefit of a free gym and locker room in my office building, I started this journey.  It’s really lame to type the word journey.

My self-indulgent ramblings will include my relationship (love & hate) with fitness, apps I use, things I buy and love, things I buy and hate, things I like to eat (hint: everything), my kids, my family, random deep thoughts, and more not-so-deep thoughts.  Stick around!

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Also a transplant to New Jersey and Mercer County, Merritt McGlynn is walking a tightrope between career woman and devoted mother: hanging on for dear life with her dishpan hands. Merritt is a mom to two of the most adorable children in Jersey: a darling and spunky 4-year-old and a certifiably insane but heart-melting almost-3-year-old. Married to the always-working "Coach", Merritt tries to maintain some appearance of a work-life balance, and often finds that the scales are usually tipped in one direction or the other - but she’s still trying! In her spare time, if she ever gets any, Merritt would like to read books, travel with her husband, drink margaritas on the deck, and one day, if she’s really lucky, enjoy a phone conversation without interruptions. For now, she’ll settle for 20 minutes of an Audrey Hepburn movie and a diet coke.