Maybe you’ve picked up on that I’ve been doing something called “LiveFit.” It kinda consumes me but I’m an all-or-nothing kind of gal. (okay. obsessive.)


LiveFit” is a 12 week “transformation” program focusing mainly on strength training designed by fitness guru and model Jamie Eason for The 12 weeks are broken down into 3 phases. So far, I’ve only completed Phase 1 (once) and Phase 2 (twice) but I’ll give you the low-down now and will give you full results after I finish (if? I mean, when). Good news? It is FREE. Regular old-fashioned free — not that “free if you give us your social security number and a five thousand dollar deposit” free. Bad news?

Okay, so the bad news is that you really need access to a full gym. There are some modifications that can be done to work around a more limited gym but, largely, it is equipment-heavy. So let’s just say you belong to a gym or you’re thinking of joining one (and maybe after hearing about this program you might want to).

  • Phase 1: Muscle building without cardio. It starts off with 4 days of lifting and increases to 5 days. Remember, no cardio in Phase 1. Jamie Eason explains that the focus in Phase 1 is muscle building and cardio can strip that away (those are not the technical terms). This phase takes very little time — maybe 1/2 hour at most. You’re in and out. You don’t even sweat much.
  • Phase 2: Muscle building and fat burning with cardio. This is a 6 day commitment. But WAIT. I don’t go to the gym 6 days a week. I consolidate it down to 5 days. My favorite trainer at the gym tells me, “Make it work for you.” There are 2 leg days per week in Phase 2. Maybe if you have fabulous legs or have the discipline to do some legs at home, you could probably go fewer than 5 days. Some days can take up to 90 minutes (that’s an hour and a half for you math challenged) without doubling up the day. It is serious lifting business (and moderate intensity cardio).

    Badass calluses
    Badass calluses
  • Phase 3: Fat burning. This is a whole level of craziness that I haven’t worked up the nerve for yet. Lots of sprinting and jump squats and side-to-side jumps along with the lifting. I’m waiting for GymBuddyTara to come back from vacation for this. PLEASE COME BACK, TARA! I will review this phase when we finish it.

You have no experience lifting weights? No problem. The itinerary for each day has links to how-to videos provided through When I first started, I watched the videos before I went to the gym — and sometimes again AT the gym if I forgot. Here are some screen shots from my phone:



The program also has a nutrition component (which I have not been great at). It is great intro to “clean eating” so if you are looking to revamp your diet, look to this.

And SIX MEALS per day has been life-changing. LIFE CHANGING. My blood sugar levels have always felt unstable leading to me getting headaches and binge eating (like sometimes no amount of food makes me feel stable for a long while). But eating more frequently with more protein has reduced my cravings and binges.

Results so far: Body changing. I had been lifting on my own and in fitness classes for about 5 months before I started this program. But the results I saw in the first few weeks of LiveFit were impressive — I lost 2 inches off my waist. In maybe 4 weeks. I’ve gone down several clothing sizes also. The scale weight is not substantially changed yet — a lot of converting fat to muscle (which is more dense / takes up less room). When I’m done with the program, I’ll give you the full nitty-gritty results. I probably will not share my before and after pictures… I should have taken some with more clothes. Maybe the before and after will be posted when I bikini next summer. But even then…

Leg day
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