Here’s Week 3 of “How I Survived an Eight Week Diet.”

I’m sobering up in many ways. Firstly, I’m drinking a lot less. I make a lot of jokes about the quantity that I drink but, truthfully, it isn’t that frequently.

My biggest problem is moderation once the bottle is open. I know, I know, I’ve got you already. Now that I’m counting calories, I have to prioritize, so I have been foregoing the booze. Mostly. Because I like food calories better. I don’t prefer to starve myself.

Also sobering is that I expect a lot from myself. I expect that when I work out a lot and count calories that I will lose weight — quickly. I’m down 5-6 pounds depending on the day. And on the days it is 5, I’m pissed off about it. Today was one of those days. Because yesterday it was 6 and now all of a sudden it seems like I’ve gained a pound. And I’ve been eating things I don’t like much (chicken, I’m looking at you) while forgoing things I do (wine). It feels unfair. And I’m mad that the payoff isn’t greater. Like a giant baby. Sobering.

IMG_1822I’m running lately — treadmill running — but I’m slow. I’ve always been slow. I’m trying to run a marathon in a month and when I say that I mean: I’m trying to run the distance of a marathon over the course of a month. I’m hoping to make it. Here’s a snapshot of the treadmill when I was done with 3 miles (I ran 2.5 of them so that gives you an idea of how very slowly I run). It’s sobering but satisfying because at least I’m out there doing it.

And lastly, it is sobering that I talk about my 8-week diet but I know that the diet won’t end at 8 weeks. Even if I lose 2 pounds a week (which is ambitious), I won’t be done. I’ll still have 10 more to go after THAT. It might be the vanity 10 pounds — those “Aw, you are sweet to say I look great but really I have 10 more pounds to lose.” It’s the, “I look okay in a bikini but I probably should lose 10 pounds.” And then even if I lose all this, I have to keep it off. Forever. And since I’m terrible with moderation, I will need to be mindfully “dieting” my whole life.

Someone tell me a joke.

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Mary Galioto
Mary Galioto is the founder, publisher and editor of MercerMe. Originally from Brooklyn, Mary has progressively moved deeper and deeper into New Jersey, settling in the heart of the state: Mercer County. Formerly the author of an embarrassingly informal blog, Mary is a lifelong writer and asker of questions and was even mentioned, albeit briefly, in the New York Times and Washington Post. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English from SUNY Binghamton and a Juris Doctorate from Seton Hall Law School. In her free time, Mary fills her life with excessive self-reflection, creative endeavors, and photographing mushrooms. Mary also works as the PR Coordinator at the Hopewell Valley Arts Council, serves on the volunteer Board of Trustees of the Lawrence Hopewell Trail (LHT), holds a seat on the Hopewell Borough Board of Health, and is a member of the Hopewell Valley Municipal Alliance.