Last week, I posted that I was making carrot and celeriac soup.

And no one commented! I can only assume it’s because you haven’t encountered much celeriac (rather than assume that no one read my post). Although I guess I could assume you don’t like posts without pictures.

Well, here it is in all its gnarly glory:


I found an NPR article calling celeriac “the vegetable world’s ugly ducking.” It sure is ugly. The part you eat is the root. That dirty  warty bottom part. But it smells like celery and when you cut it, it looks like a potato or turnip. And it serves as a non-starchy alternative to a potato in soup. Although, when you mix it with carrots as I did, the whole starch theory is less important. What’s a little more starch between friends. But it tastes great with carrots and they are in season at the same time.

Here you can see that I cut away the sides of the vegetable with a knife as you would with a pineapple. And I used 4 pounds of carrots this time. And no kale water, this time. Just regular water.

It came out delicious and now I have 4 containers in our chest freezer for the veggiless winter.

Are you making great soups or finding ways to use seasonal veggies? Share your recipes with us!

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Mary Galioto
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