I’ve been on the constant hunt for fitness clothes (pants in particular) that are not total garbage and also don’t cost a small fortune. Lululemon, for example, is beyond what I am willing to pay at this point in my life. We’re on one income. That one income doesn’t want to spend over $100 on one pair of workout pants.

I tried pants at Old Navy. Wowie. I don’t literally work my tail off to have it sausaged into the cheapest looking spandex. I wanted to like their clothes but they looked terrible on me. And, although I don’t want to spend a lot, I don’t want to feel like I look awful while sweating profusely through these clothes in public. My next obvious option was Target. The 3 pairs of pants I currently rotate are from Target and they are acceptable quality and appearance. The current inventory is cheaper looking and also geared toward winter weather running and I would sweat my ass off if I wore insulated pants to the gym. Definitely the desired result. Not the way I was hoping to slim the derrière.


At a prolonged visit to the dentist, I was pursuing magazines (why am I telling you the long version of this story???) and came across several featured articles about Kate Hudson’s new fitness clothing line, Fabletics. I checked out the website and it looked great, reasonable, and got good reviews (including that the pants are not see-through which is more than Lulu can say). And then, they hooked me with 50% my first purchase. The entire outfit (supportive top and fitness tights) costs less than $30. Ordered. Immediately. With the top in purple. My favorite color.

So here’s how it works. You sign-up at and get your first outfit 50% off. And then you are signed up for their VIP membership. VIP membership? It’s a subscription website. And. This. Is. What. I. Hated. Each month, Fabletics will email me all the outfit picks for me for that month and I can choose to buy one of those complete ensembles for $50 or I can choose to skip that month. Skipping that month requires an affirmative skip. Failing to respond to the outfit suggestions yields a $50 charge to your account and crediting you points that you can redeem for a complete outfit. I set a calendar reminder for myself to review the outfits or opt out for the month.

The outfit came! I couldn’t have been more thrilled. The quality of the items appear great. Unfortunately, I should have read the reviews more carefully because the pants were too big. The website says returns have to have their tags on them but I live-chatted with a customer service representative and they said I could send the item back even after I tried it out (which is what I expect as Athleta has a policy that you can wear an item to workout and still return it if you don’t like it).

We’ll see how the next pair of pants fit but, in the meantime, this seems like a really smart less expensive option for quality fitness clothes. And who doesn’t love to look fab?


Image Credit: Fabletics

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