This week I started to attempt Phase 3 of LiveFit and it is wild — like a roller derby. (Thanks to reader Cheryl for this analogy.)

In addition to other madness, this phase requires sprinting for 30 seconds on/30 seconds off for 30 minutes. That’s 15 combined total minutes of sprinting. I have yet to actually complete the full 30 minutes. Jamie Eason, in all of her graceful glory, suggests doing this on a treadmill — which means you run for your life at a sprinter’s pace on the treadmill for 30 seconds and then, with the nimbleness of a young deer, leap onto the sidebars of the treadmill, wait 30 seconds, and then pop back on the rapidly moving treadmill.

I’m not going to say I’m the least graceful person but I’m not very coordinated and I am slightly accident prone (see prior post about having sprained my ankle in “Cardio Chaos”). So I decided to do my sprinting on the track at the gym. And that’s where it went so wrong.

As I embarked on my first ever full-on sprint with the wind in my hair and trust in my heart that this fitness program would sculpt my body into something people would write songs about (exaggerating, obviously), I careened into another runner. She was running in the inner most lane of a 1/8 mile 2 lane track going a modest pace. I was sprinting with a friend. The friend took the right lane and I took the inside aisle. The other runner veered into the inside aisle, not having seen me (and likely having seen my friend because she was truly kicking my ass and was ahead of me) and I plowed right into her, tripping on her legs and my own and sprawling across all 2 lanes scraping my elbow and knee. A separate post about track etiquette is imminent.

Besides that catastrophe, Phase 3 is very intense — INVIGORATING. I love it. When I first started LiveFit, I was so sore. Everything hurt. Walking up the stairs or getting out of the car was accompanied by “Oooo! Ouch!” But after a while, nothing was sore anymore UNTIL PHASE 3. And I love it.

And Phase 3 is complete with terminology that I was not totally familiar with or misunderstood the meanings before like ….

  • Superset = when you pair together 2 or more exercises one after the other without a rest until you’ve completed the pairing, then you rest, and then do your next sets
  • Active Rest = there is nothing about “active rest” that is restful because you’re doing a strength training exercise and then instead of a regular rest between sets, you do something really active like jumping rope or burpees (spoiler alert: I can’t do burpees).

Remember how I could double up days during Phase 2? I can’t in Phase 3. It takes me over 1 1/2 hours and I can only drop of DaughterTwo for 2 hours so instead I’m going to do the days chronologically but only do 5 workouts per week (this week is was 4).

Phase 3 is an insane calorie burner because you’re never really resting. It is the “fat burning” phase, after all.

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