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Gallery 14 Fine Art Photography presents: “Images From Wandering Times”

by Community Contributor

Gallery 14 Fine Art Photography presents an exhibit featuring two members, John Clarke and Charles Miller. Each of them are travelers that capture images in their own unique styles based on what they see, what they find and what captures their imagination. The exhibit will run from October 7 to October 29. There will be a “meet the artists” on Sunday October 8 from 1 – 3. The Gallery is located at 14 Mercer Street, Hopewell, NJ.

Three Places/ Mexico City, Havana & Coney Island

John Clarke is a world traveler and our resident Street Photographer. John is a retired architect who has turned his creative talents to street photography and has exhibited throughout the region. Needless to say, if you are going to do street photos, you need to have a love of urban places. Light, shadow, geometry, context, and people are the raw materials of good street images. Mexico City, Havana and Coney Island are the focus for this exhibit. While they are very different, they are also very similar, supporting a rich, diverse, and accessible street life. 

Working in black and white, John’s images have a timeless quality and become abstractions because they translate the colors we normally see into a minimalist gray scale. These images capture a decisive moment, conveying emotion, and movement. Tey speak to the viewer on an individual level as you find differing subjects within the photograph.

Photographic Wanderings: People, Places and Things

Like John, Charles Miller is also a traveler and a wanderer. It may be on an extended trip someplace or simply a walk in the backyard. But he is always looking for something special or interesting. Trying to find a special feeling or beauty within the available subjects. As a curator of galleries and working with a variety of artists his style and approach is constantly evolving.

A photographer’s eye is always seeing images; Some get cast off and others catch the eye for some special reason. This exhibit is not about a specific subject or theme, rather it is a collection of momentary visions. Some may be my experiments in new styles, some may be experiments in post processing, some may simply be a quick shot of something that caught my eye. Of course, since people have labeled me a “Flower Photographer” it will include some floral images, but hopefully the exhibit will take you far from the garden as well. Since I am sharing the exhibit with a Street Photographer, I am also taking a shot (pun intended) at some street images. I have started experimenting with the power of Black and White imagery so the exhibit will be a mixture of Color and Black and White. 

John and Charles hope that the viewer will join them as they wander through differing environments and enjoy the interaction of images in various places.

Gallery 14 is a Co-op gallery that focuses on Fine Art Photography of all styles. It is located in Hopewell, NJ and is open on Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 to 5:00. To learn more about the Gallery and its members visit our website at www.gallery14.org.

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