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Pennington Day – This Saturday!

Pennington Day 2019 is this Saturday, May 18, from 10am-4pm. This free family-friendly community event features 150 booth vendors including local businesses and artists,...

Meet Pennington First Aid Squad Volunteer EMT Shelley Pennington

This feature story is about Shelley Pennington, one of the Pennington First Aid Squad volunteer EMTs, presented by Protect Hopewell Valley in support of...

Community Connections!

“Mercer Me is performing a great community service by bringing us our local news and events in a very timely fashion. Today, most of us rely on electronic media to keep us informed and up to date. Mercer Me is a great asset to the community and I support it and its mission wholeheartedly.”

– Michael Chipowsky, Chairman of Hopewell Township Board of Fire Commissioners

Letters to the Editor

LTE: Website Changes in Hopewell Twp Help Residents Stay Informed

To the Editor: Hopewell Township has made some minor changes to its website to make it even easier for everyone to stay informed about Township...

Hopewell Valley Senior Foundation Asks School Board to Reconsider Proposed Budget

To the Editor: We are writing today to express our concern over the substantial tax increase proposed by the Hopewell Valley School Board. We represent...

Letter to the Editor: Former Member Urges Current BOE to Reconsider Budget

To the Editor: Several times in the last month HVRSD Board of Education staff have publicly stated that the School Board’s 5.27% budgeted tax levy...

Letter to the Editor: Community Energy Aggregation, Greener All Around

To the Editor: Community Energy Aggregation isn’t a new idea, but neither is trying to save money. It’s an idea the Hopewell Township Committee is exploring...