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Hopewell Valley Board of Education Talks Accolades, Bussing Issues, Team Lunches

At its first meeting of the new school year, the Hopewell Valley Regional Board of Education discussed some of the District’s recent achievements including student successes, and also addressed some recent issues with transportation.

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The ‘Moon will forever shine over Hopewell Borough.

After seventeen and a half years, The Brothers Moon restaurant and bakery will be closing its doors on September 29. In a heartfelt note,...

One-Act Play Submissions Wanted for Annual Lawrence Library PlayFest

The Lawrence Headquarters Branch of the Mercer County Library System will be hosting their annual PlayFest on Saturday, April 27, 2019. For the eleventh consecutive year, local directors will stage script-in-hand performances of one-act plays.

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“Mercer Me is performing a great community service by bringing us our local news and events in a very timely fashion. Today, most of us rely on electronic media to keep us informed and up to date. Mercer Me is a great asset to the community and I support it and its mission wholeheartedly.”

– Michael Chipowsky, Chairman of Hopewell Township Board of Fire Commissioners

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: The signs may have come down, but the Pennytown issue isn’t...

To the Editor: For years, Democratic candidates in Hopewell Township got elected by promising to spread the affordable housing burden throughout the township. This promise...

Letter to the Editor: Jackowski Running for Hopewell Township Committee

My name is Ed “Jack” Jackowski, and I am a candidate in this year’s election for Hopewell Township Committee.

Letter to the Editor: Agreement with developer steals revenue from schools and others

To the Editor: It’s not easy being a political cheer-leader for the Kuchinski-Blake administration, which has a well-deserved reputation of being the least transparent and...

Letter to the Editor: Sourland Conservancy Thanks Volunteers and Donors

The Sourland Conservancy would like to thank the many teen and adult stewardship volunteers who logged a total of over 300 hours throughout the summer removing invasive plants and maintaining trails in Sourland region parks and preserves...