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Backyard Birding and Feeding Birds (virtual)

Backyard Birding and Feeding Birds is an introduction to bird watching and your backyard birds, covering binoculars, field guides, identifying backyard birds and what to feed them. Presented by Heidi Mass, board member for the Washington Crossing Audubon Society (Pennington, NJ) on Wednesday, April 5, 3pm. Please email hopeprogs@mcl.org to register to receive link to program.    

Women of New York (virtual)

Marty Schneit details the history of women who made significant contributions to New York and the world at large at a time in United States history when full equality for women was not yet recognized. On Thursday, April 6, 7pm Marty will discuss Rose Schneiderman, Emma Lazarus, Jane Jacobs, Gertrude Vanderbilt, Abby Aldrich Rockefeller, Bess Myerson, Alva […]

From Assunpink to Stony Brook: Streams of Lawrence Twp (virtual)

In our daily lives we pay very little attention to the water flowing all around us. Every day we cross bridges in our cars, occasionally our basements get wet, and sometimes we witness destructive flooding, but for the most part our local waterways are out of sight and out of mind. For earlier generations, however, […]