Data (generally updated weekdays between 6-7pm)

Data (generally updated weekdays between 6-7pm)

COVID-19 Positive Cases

  • Hopewell Township: 87 as of 5/29*
    • 5 deaths
  • Pennington Borough: 12 as of 5/19
  • Hopewell Borough: 5 as of 5/19
  • Mercer County: 6,775 as of 5/29
    • 466 deaths
  • New Jersey: 158,844 as of 5/29
    • 11,531 deaths

*As of 5/27, the Health Department has reviewed records of reported Hopewell Township cases and changed the number from 95 to 86, now reflecting ONLY Hopewell Township residents. Before, it may have included work place or doctor’s office.


MercerMe is very grateful to Rich Tunkel for helping us turn data into graphs. More and more information is becoming available and we will be continually updating and adding to this page as we get it.


  • for State and County information
  • For information prior to April 1, 2020, we referred to Assemblywoman Verlina Reynolds-Jackson’s Facebook page – she has been posting snapshots of the State website daily
  • For Hopewell Township, we use the information provided on their official Facebook page, usually in videos.
  • For Pennington and Hopewell boroughs, the most recent information was released by Mercer County here. MercerMe has noticed some discrepancies in reporting for the boroughs and are trying to find out why that is.
  • Read this from for why some municipalities provide information and some don’t.


From Hopewell Township Committee Member Julie Blake in her April 1 video with Mayor McLaughlin here. She said that she wanted to share information from the Health Officer that: “the number of 20 really  grossly underestimates the actual prevalence of  the disease in our community. This is only lab-confirmed cases and you must be aware that symptomatic household members don’t get counted.”

She continued to explain that greater access to testing will provide better numbers but as of right now, people should expect the number to be much higher than reported.