From the towns: Chief Pinelli’s notification about Pennington traffic

Hello Residents of Pennington Borough and Businesses in the Business District,

This is to let you know that Beigene will resume the movement of its heavy loads through Pennington Borough tomorrow morning (June 14th) between 9am and 10am.

Bay Crane the transport company for Beigene will begin moving 4 trucks with heavy loads from the Port of Philadelphia to its site located in Hopewell Township on Pennington Rocky-Hill Road. The move which started on Monday June 5, 2023 was suspended due to the bridge collapse on 95 in Philadelphia on Sunday June 11, 2023. Bay Crane will now use an alternative route that will bypass the I-95 road collapse and access the interstate beyond the point of closure. Bay Crane estimates that it will reach Pennington by 9am and be through the Borough by 10am. Please know that I am doing everything possible to make the movement through Pennington as painless as possible for all impacted by this event.

The move tomorrow, June 14, 2023, is anticipated to go as follows:

  • Trucks leaving the port between 4am – 5am arriving in Jersey at 7am
  • Being staged at Route 95 and 31 at 7am – 7:30am
  • 7:30am being escorted North on Route 31 to North Main Street. This is where they
    will be staged till 9am.
  • 9am the trucks will travel through town Via North Main Street. The trucks will then make a left on East Delaware Ave. where they will travel to PenningtonRocky Hill Road and make a left to their final destination of BeiGene.

This will be the anticipated travel route and times for the foreseeable future.

It is important to note that one of the four transports tomorrow will be a “mega” load. We have found that these loads do take some extra time to get through Main Street/Delaware Avenue intersection. No Parking will be posted on the eastern side of North Main Street from the hours of 9am – 10am. As soon as the transport is through the business district and at a safe distance away the no parking signs will be pulled down immediately.

Also – Bay Crane will not transport on June 15th and June 16th at our request because of the half-school days. We made this request out of an abundance of caution for the safety of school age children. The company will not conduct transports on Monday, June 19th due to the Juneteenth Holiday. Transports will resume on Tuesday, June 20th between 9am and 10am.

For your information, these transports will continue Monday through Friday for the remainder of the summer, with the exception of holidays and/or other unforeseen situations or events, which may cause a suspension of activity.

The way residents will be notified about updates on this move will be through the Borough Website, E-alert system, and the Pennington Borough Police Facebook Page. Business will also be notified via an email blast that is set up. I urge all residents to sign up for the e-alert system and also Everbridge. Both can be signed up for on the Pennington Borough Website. You can sign up for both via the Pennington Borough website.

In conclusion, please know that I will continue to work will all parties involved to find better solutions to make the process as least disruptive as possible to the borough residents and businesses. I can be reach at 609.240.9503, 609.455.4181 or email:

Chief Douglas M. Pinelli

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