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Hopewell Valley Regional School District announces Governor’s Educators and Support Professionals of the Year award nominees

by Community Contributor

The Hopewell Valley Regional School District is proud to announce its nominees for of the prestigious Governor’s Educators and Support Professionals of the Year Award for the academic 23-24 school year. These exceptional educators and support staff have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence in education. The District extends its heartfelt congratulations to Educators of the Year:

Bear Tavern Elementary School – Mandi Perez (pictured above)

Hopewell Elementary School – Wendy Heiser

Stony Brook Elementary School – Regina Brunetti

Toll Gate Grammar School – Kim Drewes

Timberlane Middle School – Katie Schooley

Central High School – Michelle Brennan

We also congratulate our Support Professionals of the Year: 

Stony Brook Elementary School Paraprofessional –  Courtney Leonard

Bear Tavern Campus Safety Officer –  Ron Buchanan

Hopewell Elementary School Paraprofessional – Bonnie Brown

Each of these educators and professional support staff members embodies the District’s core values of academic achievement, community engagement, and a passion for fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment. Their dedication to their craft has not only enriched the educational experiences of their students but has also inspired their colleagues and the community at large. We have highlighted some of their exceptional contributions to our District below. 

Kim Drewes, recognized for her outstanding work at Toll Gate Grammar School, has shown an exceptional ability to engage students in the learning process, creating a nurturing and empowering atmosphere for students. Mandi Perez at Bear Tavern Elementary School has consistently demonstrated innovative teaching methods, fostering a love for learning among her students and promoting a collaborative classroom culture.

Wendy Heiser at Hopewell Elementary School is celebrated for her tireless efforts in creating an inclusive environment that supports the diverse needs of her students while encouraging her students to give back to the community through service learning. Regina Brunetti at Stony Brook Elementary School is recognized for her dedication to instilling a love of learning through interactive teaching methods that support character development and academic growth. 

Katie Schooley at Timberlane Middle School has been honored for her commitment to fostering a sense of community and inclusivity, while Michelle Brennan at Central High School is acknowledged for her exceptional ability to inspire both students and colleagues alike.

Support Professionals of the Year, Courtney Leonard, Ron Buchanan, and Bonnie Brown are recognized for creating safe, motivating, and positive learning environments for all students. They are all celebrated for the exceptional support they provide our students and instructional staff.

The Governor’s Educators and Support Professionals of the Year Award serves as a testament to the exceptional talent within the Hopewell Valley Regional School District. These educators have not only demonstrated excellence in their respective fields but have also made a lasting impact on the lives of the students they have taught.

Superintendent Dr. Rosetta Treece expressed her sincere appreciation for the dedication and passion these educators bring to their classrooms each day, stating: “We are immensely proud of all of our Educators and Support Professionals of the Year. Their commitment to education and their students is truly commendable, and they serve as exemplary role models for the entire Hopewell Valley community.”

The Hopewell Valley Regional School District congratulates these outstanding educators and support professionals on this well-deserved honor and looks forward to their continued contributions to the field of education.

Submitted by the Hopewell Valley Regional School District

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