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HTPD detains drunk driver on Elm Ridge Road, witness reports smash-and-dash at Twin Pines parking lot

by Mary Galioto

Unlocked cars targeted in overnight thefts in Titusville
On October 1, Officer Neil Hunt responded to River Drive for a report of multiple vehicles entered overnight. Upon arrival, Officer Hunt met with several victims who reported that their vehicles were entered and numerous items were taken from inside. No forced entry was used to enter the vehicles, as the vehicles were unlocked. Residents are reminded to lock their vehicles when unattended. The investigation is ongoing.

Witness reports smash-and-dash at Twin Pines parking lot
On October 1, Officer Mandy Grey responded to 241 Federal City Road, the Twin Pines parking lot, for a reported observed burglary in a motor vehicle. Officer Grey met with a witness on scene who observed a minivan pull into the parking lot, operated by a male driver and one passenger. The driver pulled up to a parked Toyota Sienna and the passenger exited. The passenger then smashed the side rear window and made entry into the Toyota. Various items were taken from the vehicle before the suspects fled the scene, including $300 in cash and a Coach purse. The investigation is ongoing.  

Hygiene supplies shoplifted from Stop & Shop
On October 1, Officer Maria Gavdanovich responded to a reported shoplifting at the Stop & Shop on Denow Road. Loss prevention reported that at 8:45am of that morning a male and female subject entered the store and stole numerous items from the hygiene aisle. Loss prevention reported $1,795.52 in stolen items. The incident was captured on surveillance. The investigation is ongoing. 

“Wizard of Oz” confiscated at Capital Health
On October 12, Officer Ryan Ludwig responded to Capital Health Medical Center – Hopewell Campus for a report of a controlled dangerous substance found in the hospital. Upon arrival, hospital staff turned over a wax fold containing suspected heroin. The wax fold labeled “wizard of oz” was found in the emergency room and turned over to Ludwig for destruction. Nothing further at this time. 

Drunk driver detained on Elm Ridge Road
On October 15, Officer James Klesney responded to the area of Elm Ridge Road for a report of an erratic driver. Upon arrival, Officer Klesney found the vehicle in question, a blue Ford Mustang, parked half in the roadway and half on the grass. The driver of the vehicle was found to show signs of intoxication on scene. Field sobriety tests were performed roadside by the driver. The individual was placed under arrest on scene and transported to Hopewell Township Police Department for processing. They were charged with Driving Under the Influence along with a number of other motor vehicle summonses, and later released from custody. The matter will heard in Municipal Court. 

Car crash leads to active warrant arrest
On October 4, Officer Grey responded to a motor vehicle crash on Denow Road. While investigating the crash, one of the drivers was found to have an active warrant for arrest. The warrant was out of Lawrence Township Municipal Court. The individual was arrested on scene and transported to HTPD for processing and was later released on their own recognizance with a new court date. The matter will be heard in municipal court. 

The information is based on information provided by the Hopewell Township Police Department, which serves Hopewell Township and Hopewell Borough.

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