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How a NJ real estate investor found transformation with mindvybe™

The following is sponsored by mindvybe with locations in Hopewell, New Jersey and throughout the US.

Brad Hreha’s Transformation: A Journey from ‘Hustle’ to Harmony

Brad Hreha is a successful NJ real estate investor who oversees millions in assets across multiple properties.  A serial entrepreneur from humble beginnings, Brad lived the ‘hustle’ culture. About 10 years ago, he found the courage to shift from the grind of small business ownership to building a real estate investment firm that gave him the financial freedom he was seeking. Despite his success, he often found himself distracted, unable to be ‘present’ with his two young daughters, constantly on the run, and frequently over-reacting with others. He chalked it up to the pressures of running a multi-million dollar enterprise.

And then he met Lisa Frattali, a neuroscience coach and investor based in West Berlin, NJ. Lisa gave him the opportunity to try mindvybe.

“We all suffer from too much cognitive load. Most don’t realize the stress they live with daily,” says Lisa. “When people are in a constant state of fight or flight, whether from trauma, or striving, or the fear of failure, compounded with the overwhelming stimulus from modern life, the mind and body are thrown off-balance. We have completely normalized the symptoms of chronic stress like anxiousness, poor sleep, scattered thoughts, and agitation which then leads to other illnesses like high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and GI distress. We do not need to live like this!”

mindvybe coach, Carmela Tafoya with her client Carol Richardson, in Honolulu, Hawaii

In 2022, Lisa became familiar with mindvybe after she and her husband experienced profound effects following vybe sessions with the founders. The couple invested in Innerstill, the company behind mindvybe and shortly thereafter, Lisa became a certified mindvybe coach. mindvybe™ is a general wellness technology that engages the “rest, digest, and recover” response of the nervous system to help rebalance the mind and body. In as few as five, 25-minute sessions, mindvybe has been shown to help users relax and recharge with lasting effect.

 “Before vybing, I couldn’t sit and watch TV with my family without getting bored and feeling the need to check my phone or send an email,” said Brad. “I was constantly moving. Now, I feel more relaxed, my body feels better, I am less reactive and more thoughtful. I am more ‘present’ both personally and professionally.”

Unlocking Wellness: Exploring the Versatility of mindvybe™

Dr. Keri Lewin, DoC, of Sage Chiropractic in Newtown, PA shares similar sentiments. “I started offering mindvybe because of the number of people who are overwhelmed by the chronic effects of stress and anxiousness. mindvybe™ helps to balance the parasympathetic and sympathetic nerve activity in the body. It’s an amazing avenue for people to address these kinds of issues.”

Psychotherapists, Dr. Edan Alcalay in Boca Raton, Florida and Dr. Anthony Tereo in Philadelphia, offer mindvybe sessions as a way for patients to be more open to coping strategies. 

“I’ve seen significant changes,” remarked Dr. Alcalay, “for example, after a baseline of sessions, young adults hold more focus with their work and are significantly less anxious in their daily living. And some patients made better life choices because they are finally unstuck from that place of fear. I recommend mindvybe as a side-effect free, first-line tool to improve mental fitness.”

Dr. Tereo also offers other neurostimulation devices invented by Innerstill’s founders. “Having worked with the founders’ previous technologies, I know how effective their modes of electro-stimulation can be. In my practice, it is important for me to offer do-no-harm, medication-free solutions that actually work. 

Even though mindvybe is a general wellness product, I find it is just the right touch to help my patients relax and rejuvenate. I look forward to when the product will be available for use at home.” – Dr. Tereo

And still, Carmela Tafoya, a Honolulu-based personal trainer highlights mindvybe’s versatility in addressing the mind-body connection. She offers mindvybe as a way for her clients to gain benefits more quickly than just diet or exercise. 

“No matter what exercises I assign, only a few consistently follow through with their home routines, making it a slower process to see benefits. In my 35 years of personal training, I have never seen such rapid improvement in overall wellness from a week of exercise in comparison to five mindvybe sessions. My clients have reported fewer aches and pains, enhanced sleep, better digestive movements, sharper cognition, and even less procrastination and more willingness to do the work!”

Lisa adds, “It’s important to know that mindvybe isn’t necessarily a quick-fix solution. However, for those who want to feel better, it is the best and most profound tool I’ve encountered for optimizing wellness. mindvybe™ is the catalyst to reacquaint you with yourself and find the compassion and joy that is otherwise masked by stress and burnout. ”  

Learn more about the science behind mindvybe at www.mindvybe.com.

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