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Latest ETS Donation to Lawrence Township Education Foundation Raises Total to 2.7 Million

by MercerMe Staff

The Lawrence Township Education Foundation (LTEF) announced that Educational Testing Service’s (ETS) support of their organization has surpassed an impressive 2.7 million dollars over the past 25 years. This includes their latest annual contribution of $85,341.00 that Walt MacDonald, President and CEO of ETS recently presented to support LTEF’s mission.

LTEF is a nonprofit organization that fosters educational excellence, creativity, and achievement in the Lawrence Township Public Schools. Through grant requests from teachers and school administrators, LTEF funds programs that will have a substantial and lasting impact on Lawrence Township public school students.

“This generous donation is one of many examples of ETS’s commitment both to excellence in education and to the well-being of its local community,” stated Amy Davis, president of the LTEF Board of Trustees.

“It is ETS’s mission to help advance quality and equity in education by providing fair and valid assessments, research and related services,” said ETS president, Walt MacDonald. “We also devote ourselves to promoting learning and performance, and supporting education for all people worldwide. This yearly corporate contribution is just one indication of our support for the Foundation and their fine work.”

In addition to their financial support, for each of the past eight years, ETS has donated the venue and resources for the very successful LTEF Handbag Bingo fundraising event. Also, technical advice from ETS employees has helped LTEF develop and streamline its the grant process, resulting in less time needed by teachers and administrators to apply for grants and an increase in the number of grant requests.

ETS has consistently and continuously supported LTEF’s mission. In fact, the Lawrence Township Education Foundation was first proposed in 1992 by Greg Anrig, president of ETS at that time, and it was through the collaborative efforts of Anrig, the Superintendent of the Lawrence Township public schools and dedicated community members, that LTEF was established. LTEF was one of the first education foundations in New Jersey and ETS used its experience with LTEF as a model for some of its other community endeavors in New Jersey and nationwide. ETS provided the guidance and support that laid the foundation for the inception of LTEF and has been a vital partner in its continued success.

The success LTEF has been able to achieve as a direct result of the contributions provided by ETS has been extraordinary.

“We are extremely grateful for our partnership with ETS. Their annual financial and in-kind contributions allow us to achieve our mission and enhance the educational experience for all Lawrence Township public school students,” said LTEF executive director, Karen Faiman. Over the past 25 years LTEF has funded more than 780 grants, totaling more than 3.5 million dollars. The contributions ETS has made to LTEF both monetarily and through its support and guidance have been invaluable to LTEF from inception to present times. The direct beneficiaries of this generosity have been all of the students of all of the public schools in Lawrence Township.

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